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Barret - Slash all animation

 02.05.2015 6:40am
Thread Creator

Capital M before egz

Hello folks,

Quick and maybe simple question. I recall most of the slash-all animations of the characters from all those years ago, but don't recall ever seeing Barret's slash all animation when he's equipped with a short range weapon like the Atomic Scissors or Rocket Punch. Does anyone have any footage - the nostalgia and the feels are all I'm after and my copy of FF7 is looooong gone :( same too my PS2 controls come to think of it...

Sugar. Short AND sweet.

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 02.06.2015 1:50am

Registered Member

I don't have a FFVII saved game file for an emulator handy, but Iif someone can give me an FF7 save in .mcd format I'd make a clip for you.  I tried to find one, but they're all .gme or .mcr, and I'm not on Windows so I can't use any of the conversion programs.

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