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FF7 Moments

 12.06.2014 6:55am
Thread Creator

I've been there, hombre.

For their forum/web page anniversary, Eyes on FF had a celebratory art project that involved a bunch of artists coming together to illustrate the entire plot of FF7. It's really pretty neat, somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 pieces of artwork capturing the big story moments and the small quirky stuff too (some great ones for Wall Market/Honeybee Manor section).

Here's a pdf of all the artwork, and here's the forum where they were live-posting it. I thought it was pretty damn cool.

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 12.08.2014 12:55am

Atma Weapon
I Am Pure Energy

Wow that's a lot of stuff.

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 12.10.2014 3:13am

Shortening His Posts

A lot of this is a super mixed bags, ranging from awesome to... much less than that.  But the good stuff is worth it =)

Personal favorites (and the scene they describe)
30 - Cloud remembers his mother.
59 - Cloud motorbikes out of Midgar
72 - Sephiroth burns Nibelheim.
80 - Priscilla and Mr. Dolphin.  Dats some nice painting.
119 - The Tiny Bronco takes off.
134! - Sephiroth, Cloud, and Aerith in the mural room of the temple of the ancients, drawn as a mural. This is awesome.
140 - Sephiroth - death from above
161 - Tifa in Cloud's subconscious
184 - The White Materia
210 - Meteor on the brink of crushing Midgar
219 - 500 years later

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 12.10.2014 3:39am
Thread Creator

I've been there, hombre.

I was surprised how many pieces were devoted to small characters like Priscilla. And Johnny... I have no memory of that character, and all the little interactions you can apparently have with him. Time for a replay, methinks.

Along the same lines, here's some speedpainting moments from FF7 (use the right arrow).

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 12.10.2014 3:50pm

We all float down here...

Not that there is anything wrong with the Eyes on FF stuff, but the speedpainting work from Lap Pun Cheung is facking awesome.

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 12.11.2014 12:26am

Not Even My Dad Hit Me

It reminds me of the state of fan communities back when FFVII came out, when fanart was kind of a big thing on all the major sites of the day. The quality of the art runs the whole gamut, but I loved going through it.

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