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FF7 coming PS4.

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 12.13.2014 6:25am

Formerly Furysetzer

^I would say that it's more along the lines of greed. They figure that they can charge a premium because it's on a next gen system. They've been doing the same thing with their mobile ports for years now.

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 12.14.2014 10:38am

Comes and goes like the wind...

Yeah I'm not sure what was worse, the E3 2005 tech demo video...or this. I basically filed it under "I don't care" when I heard, I already have the PS1 version on Disc, PSN Store for PS3, and Steam...not sure what I'd get out of a PS4 version.

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 01.07.2015 11:53pm

Registered Member

For some strange reason I own 2 copies of ff vii. I don't even know why.( 8discs:D) Still got my ps1 and original memcard w my original savings :D only ps i don't own anymore is ps3 (obvious reasons?). We've been waiting to get our hands on ff vii remastered. Please, do not make any changes (ok,I don't need 4 cd:s anymore :D )

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 01.07.2015 11:58pm

We all float down here...

FFVII (PS1) is on 3 discs.

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 03.03.2015 5:55pm

It's you guys' fault

...why this ಠ_ಠ


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 03.05.2015 1:00am

The Taru

Trophies!!! I will make this my first playthrough where I do EVERYTHING possible. Magic pots are in my future. Days of Magic Pots.

Remote Internships are available soon at

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 11.10.2015 9:57pm

Sam Biscuits
Custard Creams

Has anyone heard any news on this?  I can't find any recent information anywhere.  It's been a while since I've done a playthrough and am hoping for trophies that could force me to play the game differently to normal.

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