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Final Fantasy IX coming to PC

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 01.09.2016 9:44am

The Hulk
Good Boy

FF8 PC looked better than those screenshots from what I remember.

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 01.09.2016 4:59pm

Shortening His Posts

Crusader said:

Is it just my imagination or did they do a much more thoughtful job in porting the graphics than the shitty VII and VIII ports from long ago?
I think so, although the rumors that they lost the source code and original assets for FFVII come to mind and may explain a few things.

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 01.15.2016 11:05pm

So Sigh Ety

For the PS4 FF7 port, the graphics are definitely sooooo nice. It makes replaying the game way enjoyable. Never played the PC version but on my HD tv it looks gorgeous. If ff9 got similar treatment aa ps4 ff7....huge deal.

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 04.14.2016 8:44am

Comes and goes like the wind...

It's out now!

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