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Final Fantasy Wu Tang VI

 10.21.2014 11:59pm
Thread Creator

Formerly Furysetzer

I normally don't do remix albums, but seeing as tho it's the 20th Anniversary of FFVI, let's celebrate, Wu Tang style!

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 11.05.2014 6:28am

It's you guys' fault

This is... actually kind of good.  I'm not so sure I'm down with the whole narrative, it's a little corny, but he does a good job of mixing.  Figaro Kids is probably my favorite track.  Beasts Under the Surface had to make a 7/8s track into 4/4 which sounded a little weird though.  The opera was cute actually.  Also Jadakiss snuck in somehow.  I think some of the more effective ones are those that use some of the breaks from longer tracks (Rebel Daggers from the Overture and Returners from the ending theme).  Kind of sad he didn't use Cyan's theme though... :(


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 11.05.2014 4:33pm

I've been there, hombre.

Between this and Black Materia, man, what a great time to be a fan of FF music.

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 11.05.2014 7:06pm

So Sigh Ety

Wow, thanks for this. Awesome.

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 11.14.2014 4:04am

*pointy glasses not included

I love me some FFVI and Wu Tang alike, so this is great stuff.   I think I still prefer Chrono Jigga, done by the same guy. Especially the Corridors of Time mash-up.

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 11.14.2014 5:04pm

Not Even My Dad Hit Me

This guy is awesome. Nastlevania is also the shit. Thanks for sharing this.

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