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Just started Final Fantasy XIII PC

 01.26.2015 7:05pm
Thread Creator

Comes and goes like the wind...

I'm not usually one to trumpet PC versions of games as I've been a pretty hardcore console gamer my entire life, but the game truly does feel breathtaking playing 1080p and 60hz. Obviously the graphics in FFXIII were not the problem, but they might just motivate me to give the game another play through.

Doesn't do it justice but here's a screen (not that you'd have trouble finding ones yourself) -

Also dead end thrills has some great screen grabs too -

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 01.26.2015 7:16pm

Registered Member

It's 1080p now, it wasn't when the game launched :)

Unfortunately due to the open areas later on in the game you'll get some severe frame rate drops. You'll go from 60FPS in the first hour to 30FPS or worse.

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 01.18.2016 10:41am

Registered Member

Does anyone tell me how many stages in final fantasy 13

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 01.23.2016 10:38am

So Sigh Ety

If the PC version let the bad guys win and killed all the main party members brutally i'd buy

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 01.29.2016 6:56am

Formerly Furysetzer

The game is broken down into 13 chapters. Chapter 11 is where you are allowed to explore in an open area. Go to to find english guides.

The game looks very hi res. I don't know if I can sit through another rendition of Final Fantasy Thirteenage drama again, though.

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