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Cell Phone Redux

 09.13.2011 3:22pm
Thread Creator

Sysadmin of my brain

I need a new cell phone and provider.. My old service through T-mobile is not so good anymore since they discontinued email and internet and my Sidekick II is obsolete.

1. I'm deaf, I won't be making any calls on this phone.

2. I won't be using this phone for watching multimedia. Video on the net rarely has captioning, so that's not important.

3. This phone will be for texting when I'm on the road or when I am expecting guests.

The last time we had a thread like this, discussion turned to high end models. But as can be seen from my points, above, high end is not important to me. For obvious reasons (see point one), I have never gotten into the cell phone culture. Carrying a phone with me has never been a habit. For the same reason, I know next to nothing about cell phones and services, so if you all could help me out, that'd be great. :)


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 09.13.2011 3:37pm

Clowd Cole
Dangerous Zombie

If what you are looking for is a phone for texting only I would just head to the store and ask to see all thier full keyboard non touch screen phones and fine the one that feels the best in your hand and buy it.

The only diffrence between messaging phones is personal prefrence.

Buggle Up! Danger! Danger! (Genocide!) Death the Crisis! Dangerous Zombie!

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 09.14.2011 7:16am


If you are going to get a data plan, I would suggest the original Motorola Droid. The keyboard on it is nice, the touchscreen responsive and it can take a beating. If you're not looking to have a data plan, I'm not sure what to offer just because I haven't looked at phones without in a long time. I would agree with CC in that avenue. The easiest thing is to go in and pick a phone that feels good. Verizon or AT&T is going to offer you pretty much the same service in the area you're looking for.

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 09.14.2011 8:37pm

So Sigh Ety

If you are deaf I suggest looking into smart phones that actually convert what people say into text, then what you text back into voice for them. More and more of these kinds of apps are coming out for smart phones, but the technology is a bit limited at best right now, except it's advancing better and better. seriously look into that!

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 09.15.2011 3:25am


Something with a physical QWERTY keyboard for sure. Try using a Blackberry (Bold or Curve. Don't get Torch). Texting is one their main sellng points.

I would recommend an Android with a physical keyboard, but you mentioned that you wont need much multimedia functions. So try out Blackberry, if it's too pricey, get an older model. It should work just as well.

If you don't want any data plans, there are some Nokia phones with a full QWERTY physical keyboard that works quite well. You can try looking at <a href=""; target="_blank">Nokia 5730 XpressMusic</a>.

The reason why a physical keyboard will triumph over a touchscreen would be when you meet people and hand over your phone to have them write a text to you. Touchscreens works well when the person KNOWs how to use them, if they don't it'll be very cumbersome for them. For example, they may fumble and accidentally closed the on-screen keyboard or mis-click letters. Wont happen with a physical keyboard.

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 09.18.2011 11:19pm


Any of the major carriers have a small cheap (50 or less) phone with a slide out keyboard, with no need of a data plan.

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