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Crystals for Life (RPG Speedrun Marathon)

 04.30.2014 1:52am
Thread Creator

Crono can cross dimensions too!

If you love the Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick marathons or speedrunning in general then you'll enjoy this.  An all RPG marathon brought to you by a bunch of the SDA team to raise money for JDRF (info on the main page).  TheYetee has 6 different shirts for $11 and $3 goes to the charity and trust me, you want the Magitek and Wondershot shirts.

Enjoy and discuss!

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 04.30.2014 3:10am

with a Z

I love these marathons because the games are great and it's al lfor a great cause. I am so getting that Costa del Sol shirt because A) it's dope! and B) there is a restaurant here in Hartford with the same name. I'm just gonna stroll in with it on lol.

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 05.01.2014 12:49am

The King's orders are absolute

This one snuck up on me, if I hadn't seen The Yetee's post about it on Facebook, this thread would have been my first notice. Caught the last part of Die Hard% FFIV last night and a little of Lightning Returns today. I did buy the Magitek and Wondershot shirts last night as well.

Let's Play Chrono Trigger
Let's Play The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Let's Play Final Fantasy VI

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 05.01.2014 12:59am
Thread Creator

Crono can cross dimensions too!

It's a good thing they got Brossentia on the line because that run was about to get mercy killed. :D

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