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Enjoy a blast from the past.

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 06.07.2013 7:50pm

Nemo profeta in patria (sua)

Holy crap, I remember them from a section (or an article) in FFOnline that talked about how it all started. Hazy my memory is, but Darkhourse colaborated with some guy, I think, called Lazarus in them golden times.

Funny though, running on a mac, I launched windows XP in Parallel's, launched Win98 SE in VirtualPC and launched the old IE to see these as it were way back then XD

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 09.04.2013 3:45am

Formerly Furysetzer

Nice. While I didn't join until 2002, it's cool to see how it all started.

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 09.04.2013 5:31am

Coffee Warrior

98-99 was when we packed up and moved to the South. We lost our internet connection at that time.

By the time we got it back, PlayOnline was the big thing, and I wasn't really sanguine of FFIX until many years later (I was too engrossed in learning how to sing blues at the time).

Otherwise, I totally would have been down for it back then...but music took over.

I'm going far far away somewhere

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 10.06.2013 5:21pm

likes 'em pretty

Oh god that aqua colour scheme.

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 12.27.2013 8:16am

Blue Storm
Original FFO Member

Haha, made by Lazarynth! What ever happened to that Petrified Messanger?

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 12.27.2013 7:47pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

I do like that original screen of continue and exit. Wish we could bring that back some how.

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 02.10.2014 7:38am

Registered Member

The design for v2 is still great to this day.

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