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FFS Time Capsule

 10.30.2013 8:40pm

another blue ribbon

Future Zo:

Clearly past you was an idiot with a total lack of foresight. So, don't listen to anything I might think,, make the best of where you find yourself and you'll do OK.

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 10.30.2013 9:08pm

Big Tall
Taller Than Tall

This time of year already? Yeesh.

How's the not smoking going? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Have you reached that magical goal of 200lbs? No

Have you stopped being such an idiot and looked for someone worthwhile rather than settling for convenience? Yes, with the same results.

Are you still living in the same town or has your career moved you elsewhere? Surprisingly still here

Did you get back to the US for camping with the LOA crew? Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Big Tall of 2014:
Seriously, you can't still be single are you?
Transition into that Mon-Fri gig you've been wanting at work?
Get rid of the retail job yet?
How'd things turn out with you Dad's side of the family?

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 10.30.2013 9:11pm


Kal said:

Have I stopped wallowing ? Sure. All is cool now.

Hey I went in 2013 so shut up!

2014> did you find a decent place to live? 

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 10.31.2013 3:30am

I know how they work

Lexx said:

Lexx of 2013:

Have the health problems cleared up?

Did you find a better job?

How go the topics that just depressed Lexx of 2012?

Did you do any traveling?

1. Yes, they have.  Still some issues but they're all minor.

2. Nope.  Always on the lookout though, as you well know.

3. Still depressing but work is so exhausting I don't have time to dwell in self-pity and sorrow.

4. Not a bit.

Lexx of 2014:

You must have another job by now.  Is it a fulfilling one?

Please oh please tell me you're no longer single.

Finally, since you'll be 30 (jesus fucking christ I can't believe I'll be 30) when you answer this, what's it like being an old, old man?

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 10.31.2013 6:07am

I've been there, hombre.

Holy shit, it's been a year already?!

Did you get promoted yet? Ugh, no. Boss will never retire, and work is weird...
Did you finish movie #2? Was it better than #1? Filming the last few scenes this weekend!
How was the ending to Wheel of Time? Mostly good. WTF was up with Padan Fain though? And why bother bringing back Moiraine if she wasn't gonna do anything in the last book?
And The Hobbit Part 1? It was pretty good, but it's no LotR. Shoulda kept it two parts, Jackson.
Engaged? (Make it so!) Yep yep yep!


Oh my god how was the 50th Doctor Who special? Did it blow? Did Paul McGann come back?! Does Peter Capaldi rock?
How's movie #3? Which idea did you end up going with?
Did you buy a house? Please tell me you're not still in an apartment...
Are you still doing drunken Goosebumps read-throughs? A year ago today you posted #1...
Did Winds of Winter come out? Bwahahaha, just kidding.

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 10.31.2013 9:30am
 (Edited on 10.31.2013 at 2:38pm)

Dr Squirrel
medicine woman

guess 2011 me didn't have much hopes for 2013 me

that's okay 2011 me was the most worthless person on the planet

- you better not be living at home
- you better be putting pages into no consequence
- are you still single
- are you at 230
- are you out of the closet

trust me, i'm a doctor

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 10.31.2013 5:53pm

*pointy glasses not included

All right, 2014 Spoony.  Let's do this shit.

-Write your third screenplay yet?
-Get anything done on your puppet movie/test footage thing?
-Made any progress with the opposite gender?
-Are you over You-Know-Who yet?
-Have you at least stopped referring to her like a Harry Potter villain?
-You keepin' the weight off, you sexy bitch?  How about puttin' some muscle on dat bod?
-How's Mom's health?

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 11.01.2013 12:23pm

Dr. Fantabulous

Did you let that boy catch you? -- sure did :-)
Did you get out of the country at all? -- not this year, unfortunately.
How does your mom feel? -- she feels fantastic!  Cancer free since January!
Did you finish the stories? -- with what time?
Is the money situation better?
-- worse, actually.

2014, I only have one question for you -- Where are you going post-step?

"Well, your brain seems to work a little bit." -- Rune Walsh, Phantasy Star IV.

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 11.03.2013 7:07am
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

So...did you make any more big trips like the one to NYC?
Bigger! Went to London!
How was performing at the medieval faire?
Didn't happen. That girl you were interested in will get you kicked out of the group and all the friends you thought you had will abandon you. For a guy who didn't really do anything wrong, they're sure going to cast you as a villain.  There's a lot of pain in your future that way, past self.
Still in Oklahoma?
Nope. Moved back to Colorado. With talks of cutting funds at your job and the aforementioned girl and friends trouble, it will just seem like it's time to cut your losses.
What's the greatest thing I have to look forward to in this next year?
Well London was pretty great.
Still single?'ll meet someone who you like and will be into you as well, though. Unfortuneatly for all kinds of stupid drama-y reasons you won't be together at the time of the capsule posting. So close, yet so far away...
Hope you managed to turn your situation around somehow.
Well, you'll make a great friend in this new girl, but sadly things aren't great yet.

So did things work out with her eventually?
How was Japan?
What else do I have to look forward to this year?
You didn't move again, did you?
Anything I should avoid at all costs?

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 11.03.2013 6:40pm

Yikes and away!

Damn, can't believe how quick this year went. Here goes.

-Over yet now?
Yes - mom died two days after my birthday.
-Did the complicated parts get figured out? Or are you out on the prowl again?
Out on the prowl again, but still stupidly in love with him. Sigh.
-Do any other kinds of traveling other than the "normal" ones? Make it out of the country again?
Not so much this year (did a couple trips to LA and back), but have big plans for next year.
-Please tell me you've gotten your ass back to the gym.
Kinda, yeah. Though I did exceptionally well on the weightloss end of things. Thinnest I've been in my adult life. It's really been the best thing about this year.
-That project you've been poking away at - did it get any other traction? Make any money off of it?
Got good traction, but no money out of it. By the time I was done with it anyways, didn't want to make money off of it. Didn't feel right.
-Still at Sledgehammer/in California? Can you talk about what you're up to yet?
Why yes I am still at Sledgehammer and in California. Though while I can't talk about it yet, in due time.
-What's one thing that happened to you tin 2013 that you never considered in 2012?
Huh, this is a good question past me. I guess I didn't expect the year to go as it had. Really ended up being a year of loss for me (in a variety of ways), which I certainly wasn't expecting.

Okay Kellios of 2014, here goes:

-Whatcha doing at work? Did everything go as expected?
-How the fuck was Australia?!
-Still prowling?
-How's the rest of the weight shedding going?
-Any other traveling?
-Have you picked up a new hobby yet?
-What's one thing that happened in 2014 that you never considered in 2013?

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 11.14.2014 3:47am
 (Edited on 11.14.2014 at 5:07am)

*pointy glasses not included

Looks like it's that time of year again.

-Write your third screenplay yet?
Yep, and I'm already finishing up my fourth.  Getting ready to start selling these babies in early 2015!
-Get anything done on your puppet movie/test footage thing?
Nah.  That's probably a more elaborate project than I can accomplish by myself in a small apartment.  Plus, I have no idea how to design a puppet.  Save it for later.
-Made any progress with the opposite gender?
Holy shit, 2013 Spoony.   You don't even know.  You don't even.  Wave bye-bye to the v-card.
-Are you over You-Know-Who yet?
Maybe not completely, but thinking about that a lot less, and feeling way better in general.
-Have you at least stopped referring to her like a Harry Potter villain?
No.  It's too convenient.  See also "She Who Must Not Be Named".
-You keepin' the weight off, you sexy bitch?  How about puttin' some muscle on dat bod?
Oh, am I ever keeping it off.  Lost that last ten pounds, for a total of 100lbs lost in 6.5 years.  That's an entire human being's worth of chub, gone.
-How's Mom's health?
Seems to be getting healthier, a little at a time as the doctors solve each problem.

Alright, 2015 Spoony.  Gimme some good news.

-Doing at least a little better, financially?
-Have you made an attempt to sell anything?  Or, dare I hope, did you actually manage to sell?
-Have you acquired a proper camera and filmed something?  If not, GET ON THAT SHIT.
-Any decisions on moving on from this area and this job?
-I'm expecting some more progress with the fairer sex.  Whatcha got for me?
-Mom still on the up and up?
-Please tell me you remembered to watch Back to the Future Part II on October 21st.

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 11.14.2014 4:18am

I've been there, hombre.

Holy shit, it's been a year already?!

-Oh my god how was the 50th Doctor Who special? Did it blow? Did Paul McGann come back?! Does Peter Capaldi rock? 
It was good! Yessss to McGann, it was amazing, but we need moreeee. Capaldi is great, some good episodes, but the writing is still pretty iffy. Goddamnit Clara just go away.
-How's movie #3? Which idea did you end up going with? 
Sooooooo...... Movie #2 is still finishing up. But for movie #3, I think we're going ahead with the comedy slasher! Get on that screenplay, Spoony's already on #4 and you haven't even started #3!
-Did you buy a house? Please tell me you're not still in an apartment... 
Houseeee, motha fucka!
-Are you still doing drunken Goosebumps read-throughs? A year ago today you posted #1... 
Oh my, yes. Just filmed Be Careful What You Wish For...
-Did Winds of Winter come out? Bwahahaha, just kidding. 
Hahahahahaha. Though I did just read AWoIaF, and there's some good stuff in there. Summerhall, bitches. Plus A+J=T?!


Movie #3 status? At least filmed?
The very night I'm typing this, Alex D. suggested writing a Goosebumps-esque childrens' horror series together. Did you go through with it?
How was the Vegas wedding? Please don't embarrass yourself.
Winds of Winter yet? Gwahahaha! Sucka.

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 11.14.2014 11:38am

Time Travelling White Mage

Yes, where has that time gone? So much has happened and changed in that year...

- How is Mum? Was it malignant? Has she suffered any side effects from the surgery/radiotherapy? Mum is great! The operation went far far smoother than any of us (including the surgeon) could have hoped. The surgeon was confident he got 99.9999999% of the tumour, which turned out to be benign, so it was all good news! And despite being told she would have facial paralysis for a while she ended up with very little nerve damage to her face at all. She still has a muddy short-term memory at times and sometimes has balance problems, but otherwise she's fine. :D Which was a major relief for me.
- How did your course go? Was your RPG a FF killer or just an unplayable mess like FFXIII?
Urrghhh... don't.. talk... >< Seriously, that 'college' spent the best part of a year dicking around with you - not only did you never get the computer you were promised (the college blamed 'higher than expected demand'), you were constantly shunted from tutor to tutor, to the point you know longer knew who your tutor was. And trying to get in touch with anyone was like extracting blood from a stone. And then they lost an assignment you submitted. In the end, you decided 'enough' and dropped out. So yeah, you're back being unemployed again... *sighs* And no, the RPG never got anywhere other than some basic concepts worked out, which I'll just use for other projects.
- Has Tamyna come around and told douchebag where to go?
Sadly, no. Although despite his faults he has stood by her during her worst times - not only has she been diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder, she now also has been diagnosed with MS on top of that - the poor girl is an absolute mess, and you have to admit he has stepped up to the plate and been the support she needs. So yeah, despite your personal enmity towards him, he is now part of our family, for better or worse.
- Are Jayce and Ashleigh still living at home and causing trouble for everyone?
Mercifully, no. They moved out and are now renting a place of their own til they can get enough for a home loan. Unfortunately though they left us with a massive power bill you're now struggling to pay back. But at least they're no longer living at home now.
- How is the 'special project' coming along?
It's underway! Early days of course, but the important thing is at least it's finally happeninng. :)

So, now for Enki of 2015:

How is everyone doing? Has Tamyna's health deterioated more? Did Mum finally get those glasses?
How are you going adjusting to the changes in your life? How is your new wardrobe?
Did you start on that on the side business idea you had (you know, the gamer apparel one)?
Did you get your driver's licence yet?
Have you gone back to working on that Western-themed psuedomanga you were working on a few years ago?
Please don't tell me G has started hitting onto you! If so, kill him (not literally of course!) - you're already with someone so don't complicate things!
How is the FFXIV expansion? And how did the move to Balmung go?
Are hoverboards, shoes with power laces, self adjusting and drying jackets, flying cars, and pizza rehydrators available? ;)

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 11.15.2014 9:45pm

Capital M before egz

Alright, time to question future me - bastard. 

Did the new owners really invest into PBRS and make the changes necessary to make you happy in your job, or did you leave? 

Nah man, you left like a boss. You ruffled the fuck out of the bosses though - made them have multiple heart attacks and then flipped them the bird all the way to The Open Polytechnic where you're earning 5k more getting more holidays and generally becoming the OP wizard.

Has that stupid bitch grown up? 

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

How's your lovely son,? He'll be off to school soon. That's pretty scary.

He will be, but good God is he ready for it. He's doing great. Certainly ready for school, super clever and we're having a blast. 

Have you done anything to reduce world suck - in either your world or someone elses?

Funny you should ask. 19 days after you asked me that question past me you met the love of your life. You're now living together and expecting a child in 5 months time.

So future me: 

How's Mel? How's little one?
How did Christmas at your place go?
Is everything still okay at the OP you kind of know that funding might be an issue at the end of next(this) year.
How's Korb with little one?

Sugar. Short AND sweet.

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 11.17.2014 1:54am

Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court

CaButler said:

Life seems fine though my sister has a new obession with running.  It appears that my debt situation has gotten worse and I do not hav a new car yet.

2014: Same as before, still in debt?  Make any dents?  And did you finally get that new car?

Oh yeah, big time.  And while I was able ot make some dents, I somehow made it worse.  I found myself a new obsession lately and I'll need to kick that.

But yes, after a long delay and my old car finally giving up on me, I have a new car.  A 2014 Subaru Impreza.

For 2015: I'm working on a new original story.  How far along is the progress?  Did you let people see it?  Did you decide to self publish?  Is it crap?  It's crap, isn't it?  Also, making any headway on the debt?  And did you finally get anothe position within the company with resonable hours?

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