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FFS Time Capsule

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 11.17.2014 3:26am

Crono can cross dimensions too!

Crono said:

How's the kid sister handling high school?  I'm sure she's still kicking ass on grades but what about friends? Surprisingly well!  She actually has friends and is still making straight A's.  Kid's gonna be a doctor or something!
Got a kid on the way yet?  Come on dude, you're getting up there in age... you're friggin' 30 now.  Nope... if anything I'm further from having one. 
Please for the love of science tell me you got a new car... stop being so frugal, you aren't broke.  Yes!  The Jetta finally had too many problems to warrent putting money into it so I got a new Civic.  Damn, I miss a 5 speed though. 
Knee ok? 
Not at the moment but I had a solid 5 months of no pain and I ran like crazy on it.  I think Winter is getting to it (damn saying that makes me feel old). 

Future Crono, answer this!
How did evaluations go?  Did anything change to the system after the huge protest that's about to happen?
You happy?  Found a new goal?
How was summer?  Beach twice a week I hope!

Currently Playing: Dark Cloud 2: 3 hours.
Also Playing: CT, FF VI, Solatorobo, Secret of Mana, Halo 4.
Just Finished: Fable II: 7 hours.

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 11.17.2014 6:25pm

Yikes and away!

Goddamn this keeps coming up faster and faster.

Sup Kellios of 2013. Kellios of 2014 here to answer your questions.

-Whatcha doing at work? Did everything go as expected?
 Yes actually! Released Advanced Warfare a couple weeks ago, and the response has been better than I dreamed of. Couldn't be happier or prouder of it, despite all hardships.

-How the fuck was Australia?! 
Australia was fucking amazing and already want to go back. China was fantastic too, even if I spent too little time there.
-Still prowling? 
Was in the beginning on the year... not so much now. He and I back on at the moment. And it's really good right now, even though the distance still blows chunks.

-How's the rest of the weight shedding going? 
This is fun! While technically the scale hasn't moved, I'm a smaller size in clothing than I was this time last year. I'm also insanely proud I've been able to keep the weight off, despite the terrible hours I've had to work this year. It hasn't been easy, but I'm really glad I've been able to do it.

-Any other traveling? 
Was just in San Diego for the first time! Otherwise have made some trips back to New York and Los Angeles a few times. And of course Australia/China-for-a-few-hours earlier this year.

-Have you picked up a new hobby yet? 
Gardening! Was never interested as a child, but totaly took to it this year. There's nothing like eating your own home grown tomatoes. Absolutely fell in lvoe and definitely want to keep doing it.

-What's one thing that happened in 2014 that you never considered in 2013?
Had some real hardships at work that I didn't think would happen, yet did. Not that it didn't work out in the end, but a lot of things that happened that has very much changed not only my outlook on the gaming industry, but the direction my own career is going. I really do wish some of the more inner workings were more public, so people would actually understand why developers make some of the decisions they do.

Alright Kellios of 2015, here ya go:

-How did "Operation April" go?
-Are you two still a thing?
-What traveling did you do? Did you do your planned Euro trip?
-What was your favorite thing that you did/went to/experienced?
-Any new hobbies?
-What happened to you in 2015 that you never considered in 2014?

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 11.19.2014 6:10am


Oh wow, I totally skipped 2014. Did I really ask all that in 2013? Anyways..

Dear future (2013) me, 

Have you released both your projects yet? 
I totally have forgotten which projects are these. I have release many projects in the course of 2 years. So.. maybe?

Have you managed to lose that fat belly yet? 
No, it's still here. Size, probably unchanged. 

Are you married yet? 
Yes!! :D

Did you delivered your a garden/beach wedding as promised to your then gf?
Hell yea! 

Now for 2015 me.

How's the company? Is it still running? Has it grown?
Do you have a kid yet? If not, is your mid still set to not have a kid?
Have we grown and diversify our prospects from 2014? Server and Telecommunications prospect in case I forget in 2015. 
Are you an Australian Permenant Resident yet?
How's our finances? Are we good enough to get the dream house?
Lastly, is your belly still there!?!?!?!

All the best to us in 2015. I hope that 2015 did you better than 2014.

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 11.20.2014 2:44pm

What a Tedious fight!

I haven't done this since FFO moved. I don't have any questions to answer, so I'll just leave some for next year:

Did James get a kidney?
Did you finally get a decent paying job?
Are you back in school? What major did you finally decide on?
Is mom finally driving again?
Finally traveled outside of the country? 
(Stole this from Kellios) What happened to you in 2015 that you never considered in 2014?

I hope 2015 is way better than 2014. You deserve a good year for a change. 

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 11.20.2014 4:22pm
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

So did things work out with her eventually?
Nope, she's not even talking to you anymore. I'm sorry, past me, after a couple years of posting in the time capsule about nothing but heartbreak, it seems you are destined for yet another year of it and with each passing year, you'll get more and more bitter.
How was Japan?
Good and bad. The country itself, amazing. The one bright-spot in a very bleak year. The company no so much.
What else do I have to look forward to this year?
Not much, honestly. I wish I had better news, but with your grandmother passing and her breaking your heart even further, I can honestly say 2014 is the worst year you'll experience so far.
You didn't move again, did you?
No, still in Denver, but remaining stagnant, it seems. Looking for opportunities to turn things around.

2014 was bad, please tell me things turned around. If so what did you do to finally make that happen?
You went to Italy, right? How was it?
Are you still with your old company or did you find another that's a better fit?
What was the best thing about this last year?
Any advice for a year-younger version of yourself?

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 11.20.2014 11:32pm

Man of the Sea
This space for rent

oh wow, I'd forgotten all about this. Let's see here....

- Has the dating site taken off and are you fabulously wealthy as a result?

Holy God, no! This thing was pretty dead in the water from the word "go." Wish I hadn't invested any money in it, but live and learn.

- You do still have a job, right?

Not full-time, no. I've been working on freelance copy writing for close to 2 years now almost exclusively. The freedom of working from home is pretty great; the pay, not so much. I could really use another client or two...

- Are you still living in that nice 2-bedroom place, or have you moved on to bigger and better?

Sadly, no. We moved out of there August of 2014, meaning we were there for just over 4 years. A lot of great memories were made in that place, and even though I said I wouldn't miss it, I kinda do.

- Have ya found a nice girl to settle down with? There are plenty of nice girls your age, I don't see why you won't just pick one...

To be continued...

- Did you and your roommate ever finish that horror script or is it still just an outline lying around in your room somewhere?

Oh yes, we certainly have! After some rewrites and false starts, we are currently in the process of putting the film together now! Hugely excited about it, and can't wait to share the Indiegogo campaign once it goes live!

And now for 2015 Motsy:

- Have you finally shot, cut, scored, and possibly even sold your horror movie?! You cats have been at that shit for almost 5 years now!
- Has it led to more and better opportunities?
- Have you worked more on your feature film concept? At least nailed down a final concept for it?
- Have you done any more traveling? You keep saying you mean to, and there's still nothing really tying you down, so...
- What up wit dat girl wit da crazy hair and toy piano?

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 11.02.2015 7:24pm
Thread Creator

Formerly known as 'Trekster'

grey_haven said:

So did things work out with her eventually?
Nope, she's not even talking to you anymore. I'm sorry, past me, after a couple years of posting in the time capsule about nothing but heartbreak, it seems you are destined for yet another year of it and with each passing year, you'll get more and more bitter.
How was Japan?
Good and bad. The country itself, amazing. The one bright-spot in a very bleak year. The company no so much.
What else do I have to look forward to this year?
Not much, honestly. I wish I had better news, but with your grandmother passing and her breaking your heart even further, I can honestly say 2014 is the worst year you'll experience so far.
You didn't move again, did you?
No, still in Denver, but remaining stagnant, it seems. Looking for opportunities to turn things around.

2014 was bad, please tell me things turned around. If so what did you do to finally make that happen?
Geez-a-loo past me, were you ever in a dark place last year. Things only seem "okay" to me at the moment, but that's sure a step up from where I was. Perseverence I suppose.

You went to Italy, right? How was it?
Italy was fun. Ancient roman ruins certainly topped the list, but there were a number of fun surprises too. Still haven't had a single slice of pizza since getting back, though.

Are you still with your old company or did you find another that's a better fit?
You almost take a job in Charlotte, but your parents talk you out of it. And frankly, you've been regretting your decision to listen to them ever since. Denver isn't really doing it for me. Too many people whose only interests are snowboarding and weed. Another city has to have a better demographic for my personality type.

What was the best thing about this last year?
The Italy trip for sure.

Any advice for a year-younger version of yourself?
Take more chances, I think. You don't get anything new by staying where you are.

So, it was supposed to be China this year. How was it?
Did you manage to extrapolate yourself from Denver this time around?
How does Star Wars 7 rank now that it's been out for a while?
How about Civil War?
What was your biggest accomplishment in 2016?
Biggest surprise of 2016?

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 11.03.2015 12:48am
 (Edited on 11.03.2015 at 5:32am)

Time Travelling White Mage

So, now for Enki of 2015:

How is everyone doing? Has Tamyna's health deterioated more? Did Mum finally get those glasses?

Ughh.. this past year... was a very turbulent one for the family, to the point we're effectively now split in two, and Tamyna (and Ashleigh) are the cause. Tamyna's health (physical and mental) has gotten worse in a very bad way - having a second child certainly did not help her health - and it's just been a dysfunctional year all round for all of us. Really you'll be glad to see the end of this year family wise. And no, Mum still hasn't gotten those glasses (no money for them for starters). Not to mention you yourself have just had over three weeks of constant illness that has resulted in you having a blood test to see exactly what is going wrong with your body, and you're anxiously awaiting the results....

How are you going adjusting to the changes in your life? How is your new wardrobe?
I'm.. getting there. I've kind of languished in limbo at the moment after officially being given the sign off to take the next stage, but due to money factors and the things happening in the family you kind of put that on hold for a little bit. My new wardrobe is still being sorted out (got a lot of stuff from family to start me off, but 90% of it you either hate, is too small/too large or just downright tacky) but you found stuff online about a 'capsule wardrobe' which you're using as a base to start with.

Did you start on that on the side business idea you had (you know, the gamer apparel one)?
Nope, that kind of went nowwhere - you've just had so many other things on your mind lately so that kind of went on the backburner indefinetely.

Did you get your driver's licence yet?
Nope, still using public transport - part of the reason was you wanted to sort out your new name change details before starting your driving lessons, but because of the afore mentioned family problems, that has not happened yet. Maybe in the next few months probably.

Have you gone back to working on that Western-themed psuedomanga you were working on a few years ago?
Funny you should mention that Enki of 2014! You actually pulled out the artwork you've worked on so far and had another look over it (after losing it in the pile of 'comic ideas started but never proceeded with' on your desk!) and was just debating on how to proceed with it just last night. So, although it's too early to say 'I'm working on it again', I definetely want to go back to that (Azeyma knows I need something else to take my mind off my problems at the moment.).

Please don't tell me G has started hitting onto you! If so, kill him (not literally of course!) - you're already with someone so don't complicate things!
Haha, no, he's not hitting onto you, although his mum did make a tasteless and crass remark about you being "his 'girlfriend' simply to spite him and rile him up, he didn't take any stock in it, thankfully.

How is the FFXIV expansion? And how did the move to Balmung go?
Heavensward is amazing - you've just about completed the storyline, taking it nice and slowly as usual, and the first content patch is due in a week's time as you type this (naturally you forked out the dough for the special Collector's Edition with the artbook and the Midgardsormr statue ;)). The move to Balmung has been a bumpy ride - not helped by a simmering rivalry between JZ and certain people in FORGE, plus a few of your friends from Ridill who came across to Balmung have, due to drama, turned their backs on you and everyone and left. But 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger' - and JZ is on the way up so don't be discouraged! :)

Are hoverboards, shoes with power laces, self adjusting and drying jackets, flying cars, and pizza rehydrators available? ;)
Well... surprisingly the first two actually were stated as being 'in development' - there was a video going around of an apparent authentic antigravity hoverboard in tests, but the moment it was stated as being in development by Lexus alarm bells started ringing and you were immediately skeptical - turns out you had every right to be suspicious, as it was actually just a slightly more advanced maglev system using superconductors on a hidden metal track (the video used smoke and mirrors to hide that fact and make it look like it was being used on a regular skate park) - the whole thing was just propaganda for Lexus. So yeah, developments but nothing like the films, not that you care really too much - who needs flying cars anyway when people can't even drive cars on roads safely! ;)

Now, for Enki of 2016:

How are you? How were the test results? What caused that illness you experienced?
Have you finally started the treatment yet? Did you finally change your name? Are you getting dressed up and going out much?
How is the family? Are they still divided? Is 'dickwad' still married to Tamyna or has justice been served to him finally?
What happened with your studies? Did you manage to complete Cert IV and are now onto the Diploma? Did you actually get that job/start working at the Freedom Centre like you wanted?
Is G living there finally?
Any info on the second FFXIV expansion yet? How is the Heavensward storyline developing?
How was Distant Worlds ~ A New World? Did you dress up for it? How did G like it?

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 11.08.2015 5:30am

Free Spirit
Zetta Member

Free Spirit said:

Hmm...I guess I didn't do this last year, but I swear I did it the year before that!  Oh well, the only question I would have asked that would have actually happened is "Did you go back to school yet?"  and the answer is now "YES!"

Three years...where did they go? Oh yeah. FFXIV sucked me in as I always knew an FF MMO would.  I've since graduated (summa cum laude, 2nd in the class, even with FFXIV sucking my soul away all the while) and am due to start my new job the 30th.

Future me: Still Godking of Mateus? How's the job? Have you visited this site even once since making this post?

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 12.03.2015 2:03am

Capital M before egz

Megz said:

So future me: 

How's Mel? How's little one?
How did Christmas at your place go?
Is everything still okay at the OP you kind of know that funding might be an issue at the end of next(this) year.
How's Korb with little one?

Mel and the wee one have done great - we lost a lot of sleep but that was to be expected. He's not yet sleeping through all the time so that's getting a little taxing.

Christmas went brilliantly, we all had a blast and were all sorted and tidied while the sun was still up. You bloody legend.

Heh. You were released from the OP with a severance payout worth a few months salary. That worked well.

Korb and Arlo get along really well, he has no problems with him at all and adores his new little brother. They are in the same room and Korb doesn't even stir in the slightest when Arlo tests his lungs.


Future me, there is (as always) a lot of fun in store so:

What did you end up doing? Finding full time work? Contracting out to a number of people and having flexibiltiy? 

Did you happen across some money?

Did you buy a house?

How's Arlo doing? When did he start sleeping through the night?

What was the highlight/lowlight of the past 12 months?

Sugar. Short AND sweet.

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 12.03.2015 2:15am

I know how they work

Lexx said:

1. Yes, they have.  Still some issues but they're all minor.

2. Nope.  Always on the lookout though, as you well know.

3. Still depressing but work is so exhausting I don't have time to dwell in self-pity and sorrow.

4. Not a bit.

Lexx of 2014:

You must have another job by now.  Is it a fulfilling one?

Please oh please tell me you're no longer single.

Finally, since you'll be 30 (jesus fucking christ I can't believe I'll be 30) when you answer this, what's it like being an old, old man?

Looks like I missed a year -_-

1.  Different job, same employer.  It's ever so slightly more fulfilling, but not by much.

2.  Not only are you single, but work has been so demanding your entire social life has collapsed.  On the plus side, you're much more financially secure than you used to be.

3.  Actually, I'm now 31, you young asshole.  And it mostly feels the same as when I was your age.

Alright, now questions for future Lexx:

Did you bite the bullet and move on from work?

Has your social life improved?

Did The Force Awakens live up to the hype?

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 12.15.2015 12:10am

*pointy glasses not included

A little late this year, but let's go!

-Doing at least a little better, financially?
I suppose.  I still have my moments of weakness and financial splurging, but doesn't everyone?  I think I'm getting a handle on it, though.

-Have you made an attempt to sell anything?  Or, dare I hope, did you actually manage to sell?
I've gotten proffesional feedback on all three of my (proper) scripts, and I'm still working on getting them up to snuff.  One of them is probably just one more draft away from being sell-worthy.

-Have you acquired a proper camera and filmed something?  If not, GET ON THAT SHIT.
Camera yes, filmed, no.  But I've got some things brewing that I can start shooting, as long as the people I'm working with haven't skipped town or something.

-Any decisions on moving on from this area and this job?
My current job has taken a turn for the better, so I'm not really in any particular hurry to leave.  Good money, low stress, and plenty of down time for screenwriting.   That's how Spoony likes it.

-I'm expecting some more progress with the fairer sex.  Whatcha got for me?
Some definite progress.  Some disappointing results over the summer, but no matter.  Miss CrazyAwesome from early 2014 has recently found her way back into my life and things seem to be more substantial this time around.  There's some... obstacles, though, which aren't really something I'm comfortable posting about on FFO.

-Mom still on the up and up?
Ehhh.  We've got a bit of cancer on our hands now.  The doctors are confident that she'll be free of it and no worse for the wear by the time they're through, though.  Could have been a LOT worse.

-Please tell me you remembered to watch Back to the Future Part II on October 21st.
Movie theater marathon of all three films! =D

Tell me something good, 2016 Spoony!
-NOW, have you sold anything?  You at least sent one of them out into the world, right?
-Made a short film yet?  Don't tell me I bought/built all that equipment for nothing!
-Just how awesome have you become at the new character job?
-Miss CrazyAwesome still around?  Obstacles gone?
-Yearly Mom progress report?
-Donald Trump didn't fucking win, did he?

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 12.15.2015 3:20am

Dr. Fantabulous

MJ:  Are you engaged?

"Well, your brain seems to work a little bit." -- Rune Walsh, Phantasy Star IV.

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 12.15.2015 3:38am

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

Jaran: are you still at your current job? I mean, congrats on finally escaping the hole you were in but is your current position still working out/continuing, or did you manage to successfully maneuver your way to hopefully still-better things?

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 04.07.2016 12:46pm

Capital M before egz

No no no, Kennguyen, you've got this all wrong. What you do is you sum up your year in November, ask yourself some questions for future you to answer - THEN come back next November and reminise. 

So what is it about fantasy sex girl that you want to remind yourself about?

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