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The Podcast Recommendation Thread

 10.01.2016 4:11pm
Thread Creator

Why? Because I can of course!

So... It's been a while. In getting reacquainted with the internet, I recently I got into podcasts, (I know, always late to the party, and broke as hell,) and I was curious to see what FFS deemed their favorites. 

The Umnistakable Creative 

Host Sirini Rao interviews various guests in the art of creativity, and all of the habits and tendencies that go behind their processes. I find it to be and interesting listen.


Obviously, it Retronauts! I think most of us here know about it. I love it nontheless 

The Art of Charm 

I've started listening to this, but I do enjoy the psychology aspect of the few episodes I've seen. 

Voice Acting Mastery with Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman gives his voice acting advice, and answers questions!

Anyone else have a podcast to recommend? Lets talk downloadable talk radio that promotes something!

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 01.09.2017 4:46am

Don't worry, I'm just watching you.

It has been a few years since I've posted anything, but podcasts have been something I've been getting into during commutes. All the ones I'm about to list should be easily searchable, but I'm on mobile so I'll have a tough time grabbing links.

I just started listening to the Freakonomics Radio podcast. It's hosted by Stephen Dubner who was co-author of the two Freakonomics books. He, through a slew of interviews, dives into the hidden side of everything looking at the world through the lens of an economist.

I've also got into the Adam Ruins Everything podcast hosted by Adam Conover. It's an extension of the web series and TV show that he does where he breaks our preconceived notions about everyday things. But in the podcast, he mostly just interviews the experts he features in the show to dive into the heart of their expertise.

I've been also listening to Trends Like These with Travis McElroy and Brent "brentalfloss" Black as they talk about trending internet news stories. They do go beyond the headlines and dig into the heart of the actual trending news to give more than just a headline's look at things.

I could talk about one more, but it's a podcast started by a buddy of mine that's been going on for 5 years. I would feel disingenuous promoting it since I'm a part of it, but I enjoyed listening to it before I was a part of it.

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