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Traveling Stranger looking for Danger

 04.20.2015 5:49pm
Thread Creator

Dr. Fantabulous

Yo.  So I have some periodic travel to Honolulu coming up in the next school year.  Since it's super expensive to fly from Charlotte or Raleigh to Honolulu, my plan is to fly west using banked Southwest Airlines Points, stay a couple of days at a time, and then use some spots out west as a jump off point to fly to Honolulu for a few weeks at a time.

While in Honolulu, I plan to make some short trips to East Asia and Oceania (specifically looking at Japan (anywhere), Melbourne, and potentially New Zealand, Phillipines, and Taiwan.

Where you come in:  I like visiting people while I travel, and I want to meet you.  If you live in a potential spot in the western half of the US or in one of the Pacific Rim places I mentioned and want a visitor, chime up!  Also let me know if there are bad times of the year where you're at or personally so I can make plans around those.  

"Well, your brain seems to work a little bit." -- Rune Walsh, Phantasy Star IV.

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 05.22.2015 2:00am

Soul Hunter
Ambitious but rubbish

Magicjewel said:

potentially New Zealand, Phillipines, and Taiwan. 
What's your time table?  I have an out-of-town trip coming up which I hope doesn't coincide with you being here, if ever.

Indy, sound off?

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 08.18.2015 5:44am

on Dew

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 08.18.2015 4:23pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

So is mert just a trolling thread necromancer?

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 08.21.2015 7:54am


Mert is Mert. No More. No Less.

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