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"World's first fully 3D-printed gun is fired."

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 05.24.2013 6:27am

So Sigh Ety

I dont get whats so cool about this. You could make a better gun at a machine shop. I guess it does make it more accessible to set it up yourself...but only if the cost can be low. 

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 05.24.2013 6:18pm
 (Edited on 05.24.2013 at 6:26pm)

Yikes and away!

The thing is, you can/will eventually be able to use other materials with 3D printing/rapid prototyping. Even five years ago they were already experiementing with different metals and even sugar based materials to create what they want. That was in some labs, it'll eventually be in consumer hands before long. 

I can actually see the gun companies unhappy about this - why buy one of their products if you can just make it at home? Perhaps they'll start to make proprietary bits/pieces/screws/whathaveyou that must be included, otherwise the gun won't fire. Granted, this won't work with current and older guns,but I suppose an idea.

That's just for guns, though. I'm actually interested in 3D printing just for sheer home ownership/construction. Imagine never having to run to the hardware store ever again - just print it instead! Or fix your kid's broken toy. Or print out a kit model to put together. 
Or fixing your car (shop doesn't have the part? print it!). Or any models you make in a 3D program to have a statue of your own work for cheap.  It's great thinking of how much this sort of thing can revolutionize how we buy items.

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 05.24.2013 6:50pm


If this goes out of hand, I worry about the security issues that will arise from all this. Curious to see how the authorities will contain this. 

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 05.25.2013 8:02am

Time Travelling White Mage

Ironically I saw a report on the local news last night which showed the Western Australian Police actually taking this idea seriously, downloaded the schematics, hired a 3D printer and made their own copy which they then test fired in their Ballistics Test Facility.

Not surprisingly, the gun blew to pieces on camera on the first and only attempted firing, proving what SC said earlier. The WA Police were then stated as apparently 'planning on sharing their information about this test to other law enforcement agencies around the world.'

Either way, I personally think the guy who was shown in the original video on this thread got lucky - if he is shown doing repeatedly, then yes, we should all be very concerned. But otherwise, I think he's little more than a nerd with a gun fetish taking the idea of making a homemade potato gun one step further with new technology.

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 07.09.2013 4:29am

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

The world's first 3D printed gun is smuggled into the Israeli Parliament

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