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FFS, what are you playing?!

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 08.27.2011 12:37am

No answer, must be that deaf bitch.

Deus Ex: HR as well

A little bit of Dragon Age when I want to play on the PS3.

I can't believe how good Deus Ex: HR is.

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 08.27.2011 12:41am

Registered Member

Radiant Historia and Haunting Ground.

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 08.27.2011 2:13am

I think I do...


I think I'm about 50% through Persona 4, I started Viva Pinata last night, I'm going to finish LoZ: Spirit Tracks tonight or die trying, and as long as I'm doing one for each platform, I've been playing Magicka and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

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 08.28.2011 8:57pm

Lord of the Morning

water temple on ocarina 3d.

started my f.e.a.r. savefile back up then got my ass handed to me. will try again later.

playing through resistance: fall of man. pretty fun and not too hard of a shooter, which is good cuz i suck at shooters.

when there's a LOST bluray in the ps3 and i'm too bothered to switch out so i don't lose my place i have lost planet (i'm sure there's some joke here) on my 360 that i'm poking around through.

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 08.29.2011 12:18am

Mind your P's and Q's

Been playing a lot of Minnish Cap on GBA after a buddy and I went on a Zelda binge and beat Link to the Past.

Also just grabbed Pirates, Vikings, &amp; Knights 2 cause of a new friend I just made was cracking out on it whilst I was over and I had to get in on it.

Also ended up putting down my Radiant Historia file. Was getting burnt out from side questing through the timelines, also hit a point where I was noticing a serious level difference between my party vs the enemies and I didn't have it in me to grind.

Also Tropico 3 with the expansion eats at least one day out of the week for me. At least one.

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 08.29.2011 1:26am

best pony? BEST PONY.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I can't remember the last time I've been so pleasantly surprised. This is actually a Deus Ex game, what the hell. The other day I moved a box to make a raised platform so that I coul crawl into a building through its ventilation shaft. It's like a time warp back to open-ended game design circa 1999, and I mean that in the best possible way.

I do wish the soundtrack was as good as the first game's - I'm stlil holding out for a kickass remix of The Synapse somewhere in there - but this has blown my expectations out of the water.

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 08.29.2011 2:04am

The King's orders are absolute

A few days ago, I picked back up Dragon Quest IX after roughly a half year long hiatus. I'm at the final dungeon of the main story. Not sure yet how much of the post-endgame I will do.

Let's Play Chrono Trigger
Let's Play The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Let's Play Final Fantasy VI

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 08.29.2011 2:34am


FFXIII replay, with the intent of starting Resident Evil 5 soon. Huge backlog of games I want to play, but my gaming time is kind of choppy and scattered until I get my own place, so those are it for the time being.

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 08.29.2011 3:12am

maximus asinus
Registered Member

I am trying to get back into New Vegas but it is very hard to enjoy a game I've basically played before (Fallout 3).

I am playing Reach again semi casually and I'm happier now because I'm not trying to play as an MLG tryhard.

Toying with playing Mass Effect on a third playthrough, I have a Male Shepard played through on both ME and ME2 but not a female. I want to carry a female adept into ME3 I think.

Also wishing I had another true RPG to enjoy on my 360 after Vesperia. I seen Record of Agarest War on the marketplace so I might try that out.

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 08.29.2011 6:41am

Old Guard

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift -- Yet another one of my library loans.

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 08.31.2011 5:38pm
 (Edited on 08.31.2011 at 6:36pm)

We all float down here...

Xenoblade Chronicles - I've been playing about 7 hours and I haven't progressed much at all. Roaming the countryside and somehow I'm caught up in a bunch of fetch quests that I was trying to avoid but got sucked into anyway. Good stuff.

Also playing Breath of Fire and Xenogears. I got to Shevat in XG but haven't played in about a month.
<span style="font-size: 11px; color: #959595;"><a href="/forums/profile/53">DDPadawan</a> said:</span>

FFXIII replay, with the intent of starting Resident Evil 5 soon. Huge backlog of games I want to play, but my gaming time is kind of choppy and scattered until I get my own place, so those are it for the time being.
If you're playing RE5 on PS3, I'll join you for a playthough if you're down. I need to do a Professional run but will do whatever.

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 08.31.2011 6:25pm

Man of the Sea
This space for rent

Finished American McGee's Alice the other night (floatiest controls EVER, but a fun game); about to start Madness Returns.

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 08.31.2011 6:56pm

Crono can cross dimensions too!

All Spidey's talk of Star Ocean First Contact made me have to start a replay during the 4 day power outage. I plan on doing all 4 SOs back to back but with side games as well. Probably 2/3 through FF VII at 11 hours, still at the early party split in VI, and making usual progress in Xenoblade.

Currently Playing: Dark Cloud 2: 3 hours.
Also Playing: CT, FF VI, Solatorobo, Secret of Mana, Halo 4.
Just Finished: Fable II: 7 hours.

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 09.01.2011 12:16am

Johnny Storm
Rock and/or Roll

finishing up Dragon Age Origins and then Im going to move to Dragon Age 2

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 09.01.2011 3:14am

Cult of Personality
Insert witty remark here.

Just finished the awesomeness of Deus Ex: HR and am about to start Dead Space 2

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