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Game suggestions for younger gamers?

 12.06.2014 2:29pm
Thread Creator


It seems I always post a thread this time of year asking for suggestions on games for my own use, but this year's thread is a little different.  I'm interested in games that would be suitable for my husband's two cousins, ages 10 and 15 respectively.  As far as taste, I'm not sure about RPGs but the older one loves The Sims 3/4 and they both love Minecraft, especially the youngest.  They're both pretty intelligent for their ages, but I'd still like to avoid games that are *too* serious/dark since the older one has some anxiety issues.  What else?  Um...they're both girls and I know they have a PS3 and I think they might have a Wii; will try to find out more specifics on that though.  Last year I bought them LittleBigPlanet and Katamari Forever, which they both enjoyed.

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 12.06.2014 6:21pm

We all float down here...

Puppeteer is awesome.

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 12.07.2014 1:07am


Child of Light? I don't know how serious or dark it is as I didn't play much, if it's not, it seems like a suitable option.

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 12.18.2014 11:49pm

Indiana Jerico
Sinfully Delicious v2

Do they have 3DSes? If they do, you might want to have them check out Animal Crossing or Tomodachi Life.


"Plans? What plans? I'm making this up as I go!"

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 01.13.2015 2:16am

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Lego and Nintendo games.

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 01.13.2015 4:11pm

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

If they have a PS3, see about getting ThatGameCompany's collection (flOw, Flower, Journey)

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