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Max Payne 3, Finally

 09.15.2011 12:35am
Thread Creator

Not in the face!
The Alpha and the Omega

I'm not much of a huge gamer anymore; all I've really played lately is TF2, but I've been looking forward to this for a long time:

I made this for you!

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 09.15.2011 8:01pm

Amnesia Vertigo

The original Max Payne is still one of my favorite shooters, and I'm glad to see a sequel. Not sure about all the sunshine, but I'm okay with a little style change here and there. They're saying the noir style-storytelling is going to stick around, so as long as the gameplay remains unaffected, I think I'll have a grand time.

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 09.15.2011 10:40pm

Registered Member

Fuck yeah Max Payne!

I was wary about this game at first (and then there wasn't news for a year and I thought it got canned or something), but this trailer actually did a lot to make me excited about it. I don't mind the new look so much in the context. The hardboiled voiceover did a lot to help and made it feel like Max Payne.

If the gameplay is done right I think we'll have a winner.

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 09.16.2011 5:57pm


While I thought later FPS did slow motion better than Third Person Max Payne, I did enjoy the first one. So if this is good I may Steam sale it in the distant future.

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