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New Suikoden on PSP

 09.17.2011 7:34pm
Thread Creator

Crono can cross dimensions too!

Interesting news since it was recently announced that the original Suiko team disbanded and all hope may be lost for a new one. It looks like it isn't a flagship title so maybe it'll be more in line with Tiekreis? I know that game got a lot of shit from people but I still enjoyed it and any Suiko news is good news if you ask me.


Can anyone change the title of this thread? I apparently copied the link in the wrong spot. <img title="Foot in mouth" src="/scripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-foot-in-mouth.gif" alt="Foot in mouth" border="0" />

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 09.17.2011 10:48pm

dangerous lady

<span style="color: #6699ff;">Done.</span>

<span style="color: #6699ff;">Hmmm. I never played Tierkreis because I wasn't interested in a game that didn't further develop the rich world of I-V, feature recurring characters, etc. so if this one is in that vein, I can't say I'll want any part of it. Sadly, we'll probably never see another entry in the main series. =/</span>

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 09.17.2011 11:39pm

Reach Out To The Truth

Considering the state of RPGs on the PSP in America and the impending launch of teh PSV, I'm not getting my hopes up that this'll actually come to the US. But personally, considering that the Suikoden team has been disbanded and they've never seemed to have much interest in revisiting the original series after V, I'me xpecting another thing along the lines of Tierkreis, so maybe it's better it doesn't.

We'll see, though.

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 09.18.2011 1:44am
 (Edited on 04.19.2015 at 11:05pm)

Registered Member

If Konami's decision to disband Team Silent is anything to go by, then <span class="squiggly" title="To see spelling suggestions, click this word">Suikoden</span> fans better prepare for middling efforts from now on. Any chance of a <span class="squiggly" title="To see spelling suggestions, click this word">Suikoden</span> that captures the appeal of the <span class="squiggly" title="To see spelling suggestions, click this word">PS1</span> and 2 games is gone. There may be a minor gem like what Shattered Memories is to the Silent Hill series, but it won't accomplish much. When an ill-fitting band is chosen to do a song for the intro, you'll know it's over.

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