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Nintendo Switch

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 05.08.2017 12:34pm

Atma Weapon
I Am Pure Energy

Switch is an amazing console. My wife is playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Snipperclips with me every day. Last night we were playing Snipperclips in bed while the baby slept and giving each other silent high fives whenever we cleared a level.

She has even started a new game of Breath of the Wild (didn't get far though because we have a 2-month old kid).

She's usually completely averse to video games but these are so fun and accessible (especially the first two) that they might end up being a gateway drug for her. And even if it isn't, I'm really enjoying playing these games with her, and I can't wait till our boy is older and can play with us as well.

I feel like Sony and Microsoft don't even try to reach out to a wider audience in this way. At the same time there's plenty of games coming down the pipeline for "serious" gamers in terms of JRPG, adventure/puzzle games, platformers, and to a lesser extent action games (which aren't as much my thing anyway).

If Nintendo continues churning out exlusives of this quality and a reasonable amount of 3rd party games come on board, I can see switch becoming my favorite video game console ever. The portability factor is huge and transforms the way we experience games alone and together. The boon to user experience that you get through the multiple play modes more than makes up for the underpowered nature of the console for me. I know many will disagree with me. Many people demand higher horsepower and AAA FPS games to care about a console. For those who don't, I give Switch my highest recommendation.

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 06.13.2017 6:06pm

Registered Member

Colinp42 said:

Interesting.  I enjoy this because being married means TV compromise, so can't always use the TV - something PS Remote Play was supposed to fix, but just doesn't work that great for me.

Don't think I can see myself buying another Nintendo console though...I think they've lost me.

Other than NES Classic of course!

Bump to eat my words!  Mario trailer looks amazing.  Add that to everything great I've heard about Breath of the Wild, and impending Switch Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4?  Yeah I'll be getting one eventually...

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 06.13.2017 6:55pm


Metroid Prime 4
Pokemon of some kind
A goddamn tactical turn-based Mario shooter

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 06.14.2017 3:57am

Atma Weapon
I Am Pure Energy

Xenoblade Chronicles X looked good too. Also coming are Dragon Quest XI, Shin Megami Tensei, and Fire Emblem. This system will be loaded on JRPGs.

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