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No Man's Sky

 08.29.2016 12:50am
Thread Creator

The Taru

I enjoyed it. I'm almost finished with all the trophies and then I'm taking a straight shot to the center of the Galaxy. Did anyone else like it?

FFO Resident since forever. Creator of Quit Rich and That New New Radio. ScribeTheTaru is my username on most services.

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 08.29.2016 2:30pm


I enjoyed the little time I spent with it when it arrived, but I haven't had time to really sink into it--I just have too much other stuff going on right now.

I found it VERY RELAXING... until I was getting harassed by robots and murderous crabs that looked like Reeses cups.

I'll tell you what, though, leaving the planet for the first time, and then turning around and SEEING IT?  And then being able to fly back down?  Took my damn breath away.

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 08.29.2016 5:49pm

pew pew pew

I played it for probably close to 12 hours. I'd say at least 3 of those were spent becoming a millionaire over and over. 

Go to space station. See if the kiosk is buying Dynamic Resonators or whatever else at 98% or 100% of cost. 

Go to NPC ships in station, buy Dynamic Resonators for 20k to 30k depending on price, fill up ship and suit with resonators, go to kiosk and sell them for 30k to 40k profit each. After you make your first 3 to 5 million credits, buy a ship with inventory with 5 slots higher than yours. This allows you to hold more Dynamic Resonators. Repeat. 

I will agree with reido - playing the game is very chill. It was good stress relief. I wish the game let you have a little more control over your ship, but it's fine. The problem is once you have your suit and ship up until a point you like, there really isn't much reason to play anymore. Half the upgrades are really only "nice to haves" or "totally optional". Having the sentinels attack you or the pirates in space when you have some nice inventory just feels like an annoyance system to punish you for doing to well. Once you have the formulas to make the necessary items to power your warp drive there doesn't feel like much point in harvesting materials anymore. Everything better can just be bought with the enormous amounts of credits you can have. 

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 08.31.2016 11:52pm


Nah, I was awfully curious, so a few days before release, I watched (more like listened, really) a looong video with the developer answering questions, which I didn't like (the questions or the answers) and the way they were being delivered: "Will this game be the answer to all of mankind's problems? "Yeah! no... well uhmm... maybe? nono, yeah!" even less impressed with "Buy it, play it and see for yourself, tee-hee!" paired with no one being able to play the game beforehand, then the Day One patch news didn't give me any confidence and then I decided to watch a live stream of the game and was most definitely not wowed.
Maybe along the way, but I just don't see the developers being able or even wanting to majorly improve it.
We'll see.
I do like the soundtrack.

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