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Random Question: When & why did "AAA" replace "Killer App"?

 07.03.2015 10:03am
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I was watching the screw attack video for the Top 10 PS3 games which was posted in 2007 (funny sutff) and I noticed that they used the term "killer app". Thinking about it that is one word I have not heard in years. Actually it seems like before the 7th generation "Killer App" was the term used by gaming jouranlists (i.e EGM) and media to describe what we now call "AAA" games.

These days "Killler App" is a term many in the gaming community do not use any more in favor of "AAA".

So yeah its a random question. When did the transion to phase out "Killer App" and "AAA" start? And why was the word(s) "Killer App" eventually phased out?

I actually do not have a theory of answer for those two quesions it just seemd that the term "AAA" was being used more and more often as the 7th generation rolled along.

To be honest I really do not like these two terms since it puts cateogirzes games into teirs which shouldn't be the case.. But that's a discussion for another time.

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 07.03.2015 7:53pm

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I'd imagine because of the iPhone and apps.

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 07.07.2015 10:15am


I cant' remember when... but this article on Wikipedia... It changed my idea of where the terminology would make sense. Though I think I heard it a lot before when people expected the iPhone to kill off Android or vica versa. Same with consoles.

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 07.08.2015 2:14am

Shortening His Posts

I think it happened when things got a bit more business oriented (giant Publishers eating everyone, no real indie game scene yet) in the industry, which I would put at the mid-late 2000s, right around the PS3 generation.  PS1 and PS2's had killer apps, but the previous generation had the "AAA" industry.  People started talking more about "the industry" right around then, before then it was more about companies.

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 07.08.2015 3:51am

So Sigh Ety

Zubis said:

I'd imagine because of the iPhone and apps.

yeah i was going to say this

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