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Soma, has anyone played it?

 08.01.2016 3:26am
Thread Creator

The Taru

I am very curious about this game. The trailer reminds me of Dead Space in a different setting. Has anyone tried it?

FFO Resident since forever. Creator of Quit Rich and That New New Radio. ScribeTheTaru is my username on most services.

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 08.01.2016 1:21pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

I've been wanting to play this too. It was made by the same studio that made Amnesia. So I'm wondering if it's scary.

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 08.01.2016 1:50pm


It's on my list of games I want to play real bad but am too scared to try.

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 08.04.2016 3:02am

Jericholic V2.0

Heard nothing but good things and have almost picked it up on a couple of PSN sales, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. 

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 08.06.2016 10:13am
 (Edited on 08.06.2016 at 12:28pm)

Registered Member

whoops worng thread.

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 08.08.2016 10:57pm

Cult of Personality
Insert witty remark here.

I haven't played it, but have watched a Let's Play of it.  Makes me wish I never watched it in the first place cause it seemed like a good game with a good story.

If anyone is interested to do it, you get the game immediately for subscribing to this months's Humble Monthly Bundle.  Just thought I'd pass that tidbit along.

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 08.17.2017 1:39am
 (Edited on 08.17.2017 at 1:47am)

Registered Member

This is a game I really want to play as well. I know it's going to be an adventure for me when I eventually play it 

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