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"Anyone played Dragon Force?"

 08.23.2012 5:44pm
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Indiana Jerico
Sinfully Delicious v2

It's an old 1996 game, I know. But I've been on a nostalgia kick lately and I thought I'd emulate some of the games from certain systems I never managed to own and I've always wanted to play Dragon Force but never got the chance.

Anyway. to those who have played this before I have a question about loyalty. I'm basically worried about non-starting generals deserting you. Now I heard that once you give a general the maximum number of soldiers, they can never desert you. My question is is it easy to farm merit awards to give to your soldiers, i.e., is it unlimited? Also, how true is it that they won't desert you once you give them 100 troops?


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 08.23.2012 6:54pm

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It's one of those games that has intriuged me ... that and Panzer Dragoon Saga.

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 08.25.2012 7:34pm
 (Edited on 08.25.2012 at 9:28pm)


Hell yes.  It's one of my favourite Saturn games.

I'm not sure about the Loyalty system.  I just know if you talk to them every time you return to the castle they are more likely to stay with you.  I never really worried about it since the game isn't too difficult once you conquer a good 1/4 of the map and deserting generals was always a good way to sometimes bring some challenge back.  You can still get them back anyway (I have had the same general desert and come back multiple times, as ridiculous as it sounds).

Merit Awards come at a decent enough pace, but since you have dozens of generals you can only get so many to max out.

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