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FF Adventure remake out on Vita!

 06.28.2016 3:45pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

Psyched!  I never had a GameBoy back in the day, but I remember pouring over all the coverage on this game in Nintendo Power.  And of course loving Secret of Mana on SNES.  Will def be picking this up!

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 07.02.2016 8:10pm

Shortening His Posts

Is it any good?

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 07.02.2016 8:38pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Sony still makes Vita games?

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 07.07.2017 5:33pm

Cybernetic Empire
Registered Member

The Vita is more alive than this forum.  Just let that sink in.

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 11.24.2017 6:24pm

Atma Weapon
I Am Pure Energy

Wonder why Squeenix didn’t put this on 3DS. The difference in install base is massive.

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 11.25.2017 2:43am

The Hulk
Good Boy

I think the Vita might be a better market for RPGs in Japan.  I feel like I read that somewhere.

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