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No Fallout 4 love?!

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 11.11.2015 2:48pm

pew pew pew

I love it so far. 

I love the pipboy. It is gorgeous. When I finally got my phone in it, I squeed like a little kid. 

Using the app in game isn't worth it. Putting your phone in the thing and using it isn't worth it. But man I love it. 

I'm not too far in yet, so of course time will tell the overall impression, but the first impression is great. 

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 11.12.2015 3:38am

World Warrior 21007

Fallout 4 is getting TRASHED on Metacritic, and I can't help but feel slightly vindicated.

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 11.12.2015 3:57pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

I feel the same - I thought I'd love using my phone to navigate the menu but I find it easier to just do it on screen.

I'm really enjoying it so far.  Haven't gotten to any recognizable landmarks yet but just going through Concord and Lexington is fun for me.  Cleared out a Super-Duper Mart yesterday. :)

The crafting system makes this game DANGEROUS.  Now every piece of junk is useful, so the game just becomes an exercise of grab everything.  And now I'm not selling anything.  I'm thinking though I might take the perk that lets you get better part from scrapping guns - since I'm not going to bother much with the town building thing, just scrapping guns to mod guns I want to keep should work for me.

The ghouls are freaky now - they'll appear just like corpses until they start moving!

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 11.16.2015 7:02am

Adult Human

I walked out of Vault 111 and ran into a dog.  I said, "Dog, you are my new best friend."  Dog agreed.  We've been so happy together ever since.

I like the way he bites people while I shoot them.  We're cool like that.

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 11.24.2015 4:40am

Formerly Kenshin

Beat the game last night.  Absolutely loved it.  Put almost 3 days worth of playtime into it.  Have most of the trophies.  Missing a few for the platinum which I'll do later.  Going to finally unbox Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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 11.24.2015 5:52pm

Big Tall
Taller Than Tall

Got my PC up and running on Friday and promptly bought Fallout 4. I barely meet the minimum specs in some cases, but it still runs well with the low settings. And I'm completely addicted. I'm still trying to grasp a lot of the gameplay and such, especially with settlements. Having a blast though.

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 11.24.2015 6:42pm

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

I love this game.

I fucking hate it's UI

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 01.06.2016 8:53am

Registered Member

Finished the game.

I thought it was a very good game but falls short from being a great game.

What I liked
- main story.  It actually works and actually has a bit of depth in terms of it's characters too.
- Vats system. I love that everything is in slow mo now
- Side Quests
- Open World - improved upon the very restrictive and repetitive feel of Fallout 3

What I didn't like
- Bugs
- Technical Issues
- Gameplay - It's still good but the game mechanics that worked with Falout 3 and New Vegas is starting to get old
- Dialouge is terrible.
- Graphics
- Power Armor - Way too slow and clunky for me. I never used it.

My Final Fantasy Comparo-MeterFFVI >>>>>>>> FFIV >>> FFVII, FFIX > FFX, FFXII, FFV >> FFI, II, III >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FFXIII

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 01.07.2016 3:03pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

I stopped playing very early cause I had other stuff I wanted to play.  Honestly, I think I'm going to wait for some DLC to come back to it.  Cause I got the season pass so I'll have it anyway...kind of want to see if there will be anything that would impact how I play the main game (which is why I will NOT be buying Dragon Age Inquisition DLC).

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 02.10.2016 9:46am

green menace

Ah, bethesda is like wine... it stars with horible launches and then makes game(s) that people still play years later, when spiderweb and dust - for years already - covers the supposedly better, forgotten GOTYs of the past.

 My name is Goblin. James Goblin.

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