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Opinions: Should I buy Tales of Symphonia Chronicles?

 04.29.2015 12:50pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

It's on sale on PS3 for $9 this week. Played Symphonia once when it came out on GameCube. Really enjoyed it. I still own it, but realistically I'm never turning on my Wii again. Plus I don't currently have a working controller that can play Symphonia. So if I buy this I can play through again (with trophies!) and try the sequel.

Downside is it's $9 I don't need to spend. With PS+ games every month I have a huge backlog that I will never get through.


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 04.29.2015 3:41pm



(I haven't played the sequel but I understand it's not very good!)

Shit, I sort of want to replay it now, after I finish Tales of Hearts R.

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 04.29.2015 10:33pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 05.01.2015 at 9:03pm)

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Heh. Well not a great PS+ offering for May, so that might be the sign I needed to pick this up!

EDIT: AND bought it.  Haven't played any yet cause even paying for faster internet speeds with a new router, it was still 4.5 hours to download 5.5 gigs.  SIgh.

Was just starting on my critical runthrough of Kingdom Hearts 2, but I think I'll switch over to Symphonia tomorrow.

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