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Path of Exile full release

 10.24.2013 9:30am
Thread Creator

Genitals are Funny

it's also on Steam. Imagine what Diablo 3 should of been, but it has a sphere grid for passive abilities and materia for socketed gear.

and it's free.

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 10.24.2013 4:27pm

Dr Squirrel
medicine woman

Are the three frame combat animations fixed or are they still as boring as ever

Also, Torchlight 2 is what Diablo 3 should have been

trust me, i'm a doctor

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 10.26.2013 11:59pm

best pony? BEST PONY.

I had a weird - and short - experience with this game, knowing next to nothing about it coming in. I booted it up and got my Diablo cbaracter creation screen. I spent about ten minutes trying to think of asinine names, listening to fantasy generica character backstories repeat themselves. I finally rolled a character and got a grey screen with a giant quest marker. in the middle I kill one zombie, pick up a spell, and mouse around to figure out how to equip it. The first button I mouse across says "open microtransaction panel." I started at the scree for a bit, the microtransaction panel button, the giant WoW quest marker, and my shitty fantasy Witch design trying to equip Fireball, and I quit immediately.

I'm being totally unfair to it, of course. ThereĀ  is probably a lot of hard work and some good game design to be found here. I can probably play the entire game ignoring microtransactions entirely; I would probably have had fun specing sphere grids. But I realized I don't give games their hour-long grace period anymore. I need to see something conceptually compelling right off the bat. And all I saw in my ten minutes of Path of Exile was modern game design at some kind of nightmarish teleological endpoint, a soulless body of mechanics hiding behind the thinnest veneer of formulaic, uninspired fantasy art. I can't get into that anymore.

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 10.27.2013 9:14pm


Tried it out for a couple of hours today. Wasn't impressed at all. Diablo 3 is way better and I didn't exactly end up loving that game either.

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