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Sega to buy Index Holdings (which includes Atlus)

 09.18.2013 3:23pm
Thread Creator

Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court

Link here for the official report.

Same thing, but if you read the comments they're treating it like it's the end of the world... or at least, the end of Atlus in some way.

I think that goes to show how much the tiny little developer has grown in the years.  Atlus, back in the early days, was looked upon with dread, and then, since the 2000's, the company has grown in popularity that people like it when Atlus made a game, with people still wondering when the hell Persona 5 is going to be made.

I'm of two minds of this.  One, Sega hasn't had the best track record when it comes to bringing niche games over (VC 3 and Yakuza, for example), and given that Atlus lives and breathes in the niche, this could be a bad thing for it's fans in the states.  Though that might change if Atlus is allowed to operate independently and Atlus USA continues to be the publisher in the NA region.

The good side to that is that Sega is, for all intents and purposes, still a big name publisher, and thus, that means Atlus can probably expect to have bigger budgets for it's Megaten titles, allowing them to do more with them then before.  Of course, since the reverse could be true, Atlus may not have the same kind of budget anymore because of how niche it is.

What says you, citizens of FFS.  Do you see this as a good move or as a bad move?

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 09.18.2013 3:25pm

I'm Catbug!


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 09.18.2013 6:05pm
 (Edited on 09.21.2013 at 7:24pm)

Reach Out To The Truth

If anything, I'm expecting Sega to leverage the Atlus name to help niche sales. They don't bring over niche games because... I mean, I love PSO and Yakuza and VC, but those games (except maybe the first VC) didn't sell well in their last few iterations in the US. They can't entirely be blamed. But with the Atlus name and pedigree behind some of those titles, particularly Atlus USA bringing them over, maybe we'll start to see more of those niche titles. They certainly seem to do well for Atlus, and I can't see Sega fucking with that.

At the very least, I highly doubt it means anything bad for Persona. Even if Atlus USA was shuttered, the Persona series is one of the higher selling RPG franchises in America. Other SMT titles would definitely be in jeopardy, but I'm pretty sure we'd still get Persona.

Ultimately, I don't get why people are acting like it's the end of Atlus. Sega may not have the best rep, but it's silly to assume everything is automatically downhill form here.

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 09.21.2013 6:33am

Shortening His Posts

How does Sega have money?

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 09.21.2013 6:04pm

Registered Member

SuperSquall said:

How does Sega have money?

Strangley enough the Sonic games has sold pretty well this gen. And those Sonic/Mario Olympic games also sell a lot.

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 09.21.2013 6:36pm


Better Sega than Nintendo or Sony. I'd say Microsoft but considering their current "Let's ignore everyone but the US and Canada. And maybe Europe" business model, they weren't ever a serious contender.

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 09.22.2013 2:44am

Not Even My Dad Hit Me

Ashilyn said:

Ultimately, I don't get why people are acting like it's the end of Atlus. Sega may not have the best rep, but it's silly to assume everything is automatically downhill form here.

Because these mergers have yet to not totally sink a dev's quality.

That said, if Atlus isn't reduced to making furry-bait, Atlus-developed Phantasy Star plz?

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 09.22.2013 3:52am

The King's orders are absolute

Atlus-developed Skies of Arcadia sequel?

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