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Wow, they released Tales of Phantasia on iOS for free!

 01.27.2014 10:12pm
Thread Creator

It's you guys' fault

Lemme get right on that!  Not that I have an iPhone or whatever, but I always wanted to give ToP a shot!

...wait a minute.

What the fuck?

Honestly I'm almost surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner.  Like, this was one of my worse-case scenarios I had in mind when F2P and rereleases started being a thing.  Charge the kiddos for saving their game!  So I gotta give Namco and/or whoever handled the port for making the first move there.  All hail Mammon.


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 01.28.2014 12:17am

Crono can cross dimensions too!

I heard about this a week or two ago and before hearing the damage I expected just as much.  Free to play you say... BAHAHAHA here come the microtransactions.  Wouldn't be as much of an issue if they didn't fuck up the difficulty (and with the archaic battle controls it CAN be tough on Normal until you get used to it) but yeah, another reason I'm happy to not have a smart phone.  I win!

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 01.28.2014 7:45am

Formerly Furysetzer

Yikes. The day has surely come, I suppose. What a crummy business practice. Good job to Namco for showing us how they really care about customers, I guess? This is one of those cases where emulation is a better alternative to paying for crap like that.

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 01.31.2014 4:13am

So Sigh Ety

Lol, on the android market you can download an SNES emuator for free, download ToP ROM and save for free.  They do charge for save states though, but I don't find the need for those when you can quit the game and it'll save your spot as long as you don't perma close the software. I'm sure there's gotta be one on IOS too. Kids these days don't know about emulation?

You can have a smart phone and ignore all these shenanigans.  Only games I have on my smart phone are scrabble, and an SNES and GBA emulator :D

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