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please tell me something's wrong with my mass effect 3 game

 04.06.2014 1:43am
Thread Creator (Edited on 04.06.2014 at 9:51am)

Dr Squirrel
medicine woman

shadows this dark and colors this washed out with a UI this small and low res at 1920x1080 (last screen) can NOT be right

edit: yeah it was some fxaa adjustor thing, the ui's still small as shit tho

trust me, i'm a doctor

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 04.07.2014 12:45am


It's just a really dark game, okay?!

But seriously, yeah, the UI is weirdly small always.

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 04.07.2014 6:12pm

best pony? BEST PONY.

There were definitely scenes in ME3 where the shadows were just pitch-black, like their glboal illumination & environment lighting was either busted or just not set up at all. The games have never really been lookers but I was surprised how something like that could go under the radar, especially when you spend so much time looking at character faces.

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 04.07.2014 10:10pm
Thread Creator

Dr Squirrel
medicine woman

I've gotten mostly used to the small UI.  I'm concerned in scenes with a lot of movement that I'll miss those renegade / paragon mouse click things though.

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 04.08.2014 9:38pm

It's you guys' fault

Nice Shepard btw.  Anyway yeah, ME3 is kind of dark sometimes (although it wasn't that bad for me... then again I was playing the 360 ver).  Sometimes the lighting is just... odd.  I dunno >_>


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 04.11.2014 3:55am

So Sigh Ety

That looks way too dark. My game didn't make everyone look like zombies like that. I just played the game 3 months ago so it's fresh on my mind..

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 04.13.2014 7:08pm

Registered Member

Mass Effect 1 is fun :)

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 04.14.2014 1:36am

Indiana Jerico
Sinfully Delicious v2

That's too dark and not natural. I'd recommend checking your card's drivers, doc.


"Plans? What plans? I'm making this up as I go!"

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