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I was all for the iPad2 until I got this...

 02.20.2013 4:09am
Thread Creator

The Taru

So a year ago I had a short lived experience with the iPad2. At first the iOS was very strange to me since I had not fucked around with a Mac since Jr High School. I've owned an iPod classic and loved the device so much I refused to get any other mp3 player afterwards. So eventually I got used to the tablet and started really digging into what it could do with accounts syncing and such. I loved Kobo and the feel of browsing Facebook with my hands. The tablet was quick to load, great battery life, and very responsive. Sadly I had to take the tablet back because of an emergency washer/dryer purchase. I waited an entire year longing for the device until taxes came around. I bought it a few weeks ago and have rekindled my love for the tablet.

But I was an android phone owner (and still am) which spoiled me with things like swipe, flash, and the shit ton of apps that Apple doesn't seem to approve of. While the iPad2 is a powerful machine, it just wasn't doing the things I wanted my tablet to do: such as game emulation and using ps3 controllers for such. I was going to just try to live without these things until I watched a video on the ASUS Transformer 700T.  Android tablet with optional keyboard that has a USB port and it's own battery, as well as a touch screen for mouse movement. I was torn. So today I decided to take advantage of Best Buy's 30day return policy and got the TF700T and all I can say is I love the iPad2 no more. This thing is so freaking sexy and feels far more capable than apples.

So if you're looking for a tablet I strongly advise you to check this one out!

Oh and the ability to speak my searches to the tablet was an important selling point!

FFO Resident since 1997. Creator of Quit Rich and That New New Radio. ScribeTheTaru is my username on most services.

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