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Laptop Shopping

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 04.13.2013 9:55pm

Southern Comfort
silently judging all of you

Zubis said:

Except Vista genuinely sucked, which is why people waited for Windows 7.

Except it didn't. Sure, RTM Vista was rather unpleasant, but all the problems were solved by the time SP1 rolled around, and 7 is basically Vista SP2.  And the biggest problem with RTM Vista was the biggest problem with RTM XP - the hardware wasn't stout enough yet.

I mean, come on.  Does no one remember the shitstorm that surrounded XP when it was first released?  Every argument that is being applied against Windows 8 is a repeat of the same arguments applied against Vista and XP. Every last single one of them.

Is it worth it to upgrade to 8?  Hell no.  Stick with 7 for a while, at least until 8 SP1, or better until 9 (which will be 8 SP2, you just watch.)  But if you're already got 8?  Don't bother downgrading to 7.  If Metro bugs you that bad, then use a replacement start menu.

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 04.13.2013 10:14pm

Registered Member

Sorry, no. I had Vista on day one, and it was the shittest experience I ever had on a PC. It wouldn't recognise my hard drives and after hours of investigating I had to download the drivers onto a USB stick from a laptop and then retry. SP1 wasn't released until a year later and my work at the time all had the same problem when installing Vista.

I have contacts through work with some buddies at Microsoft and apparently internally Microsoft has stopped trying to sell Windows 8 to businesses. My bosses reaction to these same Microsoft guys asking him if our business was going to upgrade to Windows 8?

"Fuck off, we're waiting until 9."

I honestly don't care if SP1 fixes all the problems, it is unacceptable to say that something sucks but will get better in a year's time.

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 04.18.2013 7:46am


I had one laptop that ran Vista. I left it on there mostly as a self torture, merely hoping it would get better. It didn't. Totally disagree here and I don't think the original XP experience was comparable at all.

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