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Looking to get a Tablet

 10.21.2013 11:16am
Thread Creator


It's about time for me to purchase a tablet after years of going against them. Personally, I still think tablets is a waste of money to use it solely for leisure. However, as a web designer/developer, having a tablet to present projects to clients does have its advantages.

So, I'll need help from you guys. The purpose for the tablet would be for sending/receving emails, browsing webpages, viewing PDF/JPG images and viewing video files.

I was thinking of getting a simple Android Tablet but I then remembered the Windows 8 tablets were in market as well. Personally, I think a Windows 8 tablet would fit my needs better compared to Android because I work on a Windows 8 laptop but I haven't exactly read or even talked about Windows 8 tablets until today. I don't think I'll even consider Window 8 RT simply because if I were to get Windows 8 RT, it would be better to get an Android Tablet. I could be wrong tho. :/

What do you guys think about Windows 8 Tablets? Do you think it'll be better compared to Android? Or would Android Tablets have more value for money vs Windows 8 Tablets? 

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