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Words with Friends on Android Gingerbread OS

 12.12.2012 11:46pm
Thread Creator

Jed Kemsley
Registered Member

Hey guys,

I just bought an LG Optimus L3 phone - I enjoy playing Words with Friends on Facebook. However, the version of the game in the Google Play store doesn't work on the L3. Does anyone know if there's an older version online that I could download somewhere? The L3 is running Android Gingerbread OS.



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 02.02.2013 6:36am

Formerly Furysetzer

Usually with cell apps, what you see is what you get. As far as I know, they are controlled directly by the publishers, so they are constantly updating their stuff. I haven't been on the Play store in awhile, so I couldn't say for certain if they have updated it by now. You can try contacting Zynga and request it. There are other really good word games out as well. Letterpress for instance. Good luck with the search.

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