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 08.05.2015 2:52pm
Thread Creator

Big Tall
Taller Than Tall

I still can't believe we're getting an R-rated Deadpool movie. Incredible trailer.

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 08.05.2015 4:26pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Wow Fox is actually doing a comic book movie that seems pretty loyal to the comic books themselves.
I am optimistic for this movie it looks hilarious.

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 08.05.2015 5:09pm

Registered Member

It looks so good.  Love the way the eyes in the mask are expressive like in the comics.  Cable and Deadpool was one of my all-time favorite comic series (still have all the trades).  Also had no clue Blind Al was in the movie!  And it's Leslie Uggams!!!

Off topic but anyone who has not seen this attempt by Leslie Uggams to sing June is Bustin' Out All Over without knowing the words needs to immediately:

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 08.07.2015 2:02pm

I've been there, hombre.

^Oh man, I was dying when the captions came in.

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