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Doctor Who

 07.16.2017 6:08pm
Thread Creator

The Hulk
Good Boy

More like Doctor WHORE amirite!!?!

Cheap jokes aside, she's a great actress and an interesting choice for the role.  I'm just relieved it wasn't the hotly tipped Kris fucking Marshal.  I think we have fans here right?  Any thoughts on this casting or the future of the show in general?

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 07.16.2017 6:12pm

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

I was pulling for Helen Mirren or Naomie Harris, and had heard rumors about Sacha Dhawan (the guy who played the director in An Adventure in Time and Space) but I am pleased with this choice. Like you I'd have been disappointed with the choice of a Matt Smith-like awkward white dude generally and Marshal specficially.

Now let's see who they go with for new companion

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 07.16.2017 11:51pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Que the cry baby manosphere in 3, 2, 1.

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 07.17.2017 1:58am

World Warrior 21007

Id82 said:

Que the cry baby manosphere in 3, 2, 1.

Oh, it's been raging all fucking day.

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 07.17.2017 5:46am

Lord Golbez
Registered Member

I wanted Hayley Atwell.  Oh well.  She'll probably be good, but I've only seen her in Broadchurch and it's not a similar role, so I really don't know what she'll be like.

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