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 11.29.2017 1:57pm
Thread Creator


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 11.29.2017 3:33pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Finally they're bringing the guardians of the galaxy into the main story. My only worries is that this story is going to feel so full of characters that it's going to be confusing to follow. I think the character development should focus more on Thanos at this point who has been more of a mysterious looming threat.

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 11.30.2017 12:46am

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

Cap: [strides out of the shadows in full beard]

The peoples of the Earth: "Daddy"

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 11.30.2017 8:57am

The Hulk
Good Boy

Well that certainly looks like another adequately passable way to spend two and a bit hours.  Meanwhile I think I enjoyed Crisis on Earth X more than anything Marvel has put out so far (and the majority of DC's films too, tbf).

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 12.10.2017 10:41pm

Exceptional narcissist

I rewatched the first Avengers movie recently and I wasn't anywhere near as impressed as I was first time round. I'll give Infinity War a shot, but Marvel just seems to do better when it's a single character's story and not a big ensemble quipfest.

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