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K Bay... bringing back the mohawk... nice...

 12.11.2015 9:47pm
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Didn't care to see the previous movie. This one looks like an imporvement, considering Bay iss till producing, Megan Fox is still April, and Casey Jones looks too clean to be Casey Jones.

But it's got our two favorite goons form the old cartoon, Baxter, a Shredder that is clearly Oroku Saki. Gotta wonder about this alien invasion though, iff it is tied ot Krang or perhaps the Triceratons.

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 12.12.2015 5:41pm

Not Even My Dad Hit Me

Tyler Perry is an appropes casting choice as Baxter Stockman. I'll give em that much.  I mean, the rest looks like some really on-the-nose nostalgia baiting. I'm not biting, though.

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 12.12.2015 5:48pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

I don't really understand why people are saying this movie looks good. Bebop and rocksteady look terrible and don't even feel like they belong in the world they're in. I still hate how the turtles are huge in size. Ugh just not going to see this.

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