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 10.20.2016 4:46pm
Thread Creator

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

So, The Last of Us Movie is looking interesting so far. Wonder why Joel has claws, though.

Hollywood, am I right?

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 10.20.2016 5:59pm


Jackman's Logan is the only version of the character I've ever given a slight hoot about, and this looks great.

Here's hoping they don't use the more... *ahem* questionable parts of Old Man Logan (not that they could, as they're almost all about MCU characters).

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 03.04.2017 1:25am

Old Juan
filled with hate

This is the review I posted on facebook.

So Logan....this movie Before I say anything more, I must say thank you to Hugh Jackman. Your commitment to this character for the last 17 years is nothing short of astonishing. You definitely brought the goods for your last outing as the character and I can say without reservation that the poor SOB(no matter how talented)who has to take up the claws as it were is going to have his work cut out for him.

Those who've said the movie is brutal were not kidding, this is the character done the way it should be given his weapons and I cannot imagine any future movie with the character(at least solo outings)will ever be able to return to a paltry PG-13 rating.Just solid performances all around from everybody, but I have to give props to the young newcomer Dafne Keene, holy shit is this kid talented. I saw interviews with Hugh and Sir Patrick both talking her up and they are not simply being nice. This is an amazing performance and had this movies release been earlier, I could easily see her being a real contender for awards.

I would normally have no problem saying "I loved this film" but I can't in this case. The reason for this is because I personally don't like the idea behind the film but despite that fact, the overall presentation and performances almost made me look the other way so to speak. So for me it's a really good film, while for most others who don't have the bias that I do here will probably find the film to be great.I will also say that after seeing this film, I hope that Hugh Jackman stays true to his word and doesn't return to the role. There's a real closure here and having him return in any small way IMO would ruin that.

So please go see this and support good movies.

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