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Superman and Batman movie is a go

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 08.23.2013 4:32am
Thread Creator

Old Juan
filled with hate

Still a poor choice.

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 08.23.2013 5:58am

Yikes and away!

There should be a movie with Jon Hamm as Batman.

Or Superman. He could do that too.

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 08.23.2013 5:58am

Deep Water Horizon

As soon as I heard about this, I knew there'd be a ton of fan outcry.  Me...I can deal.  He's good at least some of the time.  I just don't think it's a good idea to take an iconic character like Batman lightly, especially when the Bale trilogy was so successful and so recent, and a Superman/Batman movie's a tricky proposition in the first place.  This has studio blockbuster logic written all over it.

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 08.23.2013 6:43am

Genitals are Funny

So will Matt Damon be playing Robin?

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 08.23.2013 9:10am


After TDKR I'm just gonna ignore all Batman movies unless they cast Bryan Cranston as an older, depressed Bruce Wayne.

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 08.23.2013 9:11am


I didn't expect much from this movie to begin with. I can't begin to imagine what to expect now.

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 08.23.2013 9:13am

Registered Member

So this makes Ben Affleck the first person to potray Batman and Superman? Talk about an epic career

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 08.23.2013 12:50pm


When as Ben Affleck portrayed Superman? If your talking about Hollywoodland, would that count since he was portraying George Reeves.

I think it's silly, haven't people learned that you can't cast someone who has already played another Superhero. The only way this could have been worse if it was annouced that Robert Downey, Jr or Hugh Jackman was playing Batman.

Great men aren't everywhere, just where it counts.

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 08.23.2013 12:58pm

Crono can cross dimensions too!

I was wondering the same Oriion, but I hadn't heard of what you mentioned until now.

Also, eww.  I don't mind Ben in some roles but this just feels wrong.  Thankfully,  I wasn't interested in the movie to begin with so count me out.

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 08.23.2013 1:13pm

Registered Member

OrionHardy said:

When as Ben Affleck portrayed Superman? If your talking about Hollywoodland, would that count since he was portraying George Reeves.


I think it' half and half ... he did put on the Superman Costume afterall and beat up bad guys. So It's pretty much a movie within a movie (or in this case TV show).

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 08.23.2013 2:25pm

I'm Catbug!

Rhaegar said:

Ben Affleck is Batman.

No. NO. Nonononono. No. Just....No. No. Yeah, no.

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 08.23.2013 4:20pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

I was really impressed with Ben Affleck in Argo, and he makes a good director. He seems to act well when he's directing himself.
I could be hit or miss I suppose.

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 08.23.2013 5:34pm

Give Life Back To Music

Big Tall said:

Hilarious. I think it's cute that DC wants to try and rival what Marvel has been able to accomplish.

And they're failing epicly because they have no consistency within their universe. Ben Affleck was already Daredevil, that should automatically disqualify him from playing Batman.

This makes my brain hurt. I don't think he's a terrible actor in the same vein as say... Keanu Reeves, but I don't think he'll be a good Batman. This could be the next Batman and Robin. D:

And here I was hoping JGL would take up the mantle. Or at least be a legit Robin.

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 08.23.2013 5:40pm


Two words: Heath Ledger.

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 08.23.2013 6:00pm

Winter Knight of the Unseelie Court

My opinion of Affleck is that he's a great director but hit or miss as an actor, and it's usually depending on who's directing him.

Could he do Batman?  Maybe, but again, I think that depends on who the director is.

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