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The 87th Oscars Talk

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 02.22.2015 6:44pm

Somebody loves ya.

I didn't post in this thread originally because I thought the forum was destroyed forever. Let's post in it now! Movies!!

For the second and third year running we have an open race for Best Picture and Director. At nomination time Boyhood seemed to have an unbeatable lead, but then Birdman rode through with a bloody onslaught of Guild awards. With heavy admiration in the industry for not only both movies but the directorial acheivements of two strong-minded auteurs, our Best Picture will be up in the air until the moment the envelope is announced (at around 4:35am as usual). Birdman seems to have a clear advantage, but I'll stick my neck out and predict ?Boyhood for Best Picture and Director for its earnestness, accessibliity, and level of acheivement. But maybe not! Who knows!!

On the Acting side, Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons, and Patricia Arquette are locked in, but Best Actor is still open. Eddie Reydmayne seems to have the momentum, but I'm giving the edge to Michael Keaton because I honest to God have no idea who Eddie Redmayne even is.

For Original Screenplay, I think this is where they will choose to honor Birdman but a Wes Anderson win would be delightful. Ditto for The Imitation Game and Whiplash, respectively. 

Other categories: Boyhood for Editing, Selma for Original Song, Theory of Everything for Score, American Sniper for both Sound categories, Citizenfour for Documentary, Grand Budapest Hotel for Production Design, Costumes, and Hair and Makeup. Birdman for Cinematography is a lock. Ida is the only Foreign Language Film I've seen, so let's go with that.

Just because, my original picks for Best Picture before the nominations came out were: Boyhood, Birdman, The Imitation Game, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Nightcrawler, American Sniper, Selma, Unbroken, Foxcatcher. These were super wrong! Awards!!

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 02.22.2015 7:42pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

I wouldn't say director and picture were wide open during the last two years. Last year it seems that the 12 Years a Slave/Gravity split was going according to plan and the year before that Argo was already a Best Picture frontrunner but with Affleck snubbed for Director, yes that category was wide open.

This year though it's definatley Boyhood or Birdman that can take either one or two of the categories.

Mole said:

Eddie Reydmayne seems to have the momentum, but I'm giving the edge to Michael Keaton because I honest to God have no idea who Eddie Redmayne even is.

I hope you a right, but I was listening to a podcast and one person in the podcast who had a father who, while not an Oscar voter, works in Hollywood and a 60+ year old Jewish white male (a demographic that basically comprises of 92% of Oscar voters). I recall she said her father said while Michael Keaton's performance is excellent he felt Eddie Redmayne's performance is the greatest he seen since Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Food back in 1989. 

As much as I want Keaton to win and despite his film being a frontrunner wining ove Eddie Redmanye is just too much to over come. It's not only because Redmayne has been campaigning like crazy but he plays a real person with a historical significance who has a disability, I don't think there's a more Oscar bait and Oscar friendlier role than that.

Hare are my predictions on the winners

Best Picture: Birdman
Best Director: Richard Linklater (Boyhood)
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game
Best Original Screenplay: Birdman
Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything)
Best Actress: Julianne Moore (Still Alice)
Best Supporting Actor: JK Simmons (Whiplash)
Best Supporting Actress: Patrica Arquette (Boyhood)
Best Animated Feature: How to Train Your Dragon 2
Best Cinematography: Birdman
Best Costume Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Documentary Feature: CITIZENFOUR
Best Documentary Short: crisis Hotline Venterans Press 1
Best Film Editing: Boyhood
Best Forigen Language Film: Ida (Poland)
Best Make Up and Hairstyling: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Original Score: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Original Song: Glory from Selma
Best Production Design: The Grand BUdapest Hotel
Best Animated Short: Feast
Best Live Action Short: The Phone Call
Best Sound Editing: American Sniper
Best Sound Mixing: Whiplash
Best Visual Effects: Interstellar

My Final Fantasy Comparo-MeterFFVI >>>>>>>> FFIV >>> FFVII, FFIX > FFX, FFXII, FFV >> FFI, II, III >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FFXIII

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 02.22.2015 8:15pm

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

I hereby reserve the right to freak out and set things on fire if American Sniper wins best picture

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 02.22.2015 8:22pm

World Warrior 21007

It won't. Which will probably inspire the right-wing nutjobs to freak out and set the entire country on fire.

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 02.22.2015 8:33pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

Rhaegar said:

It won't. Which will probably inspire the right-wing nutjobs to freak out and set the entire country on fire.

They can join the left who felt Selma got snubbed .... wow Oscar can lead to bipartisanship :P

American Sniper won't win I think if there's an altternative to Boyhood or Birdman it will the baitiest film The Imitation Game.

By the way here's how I rank on which film I prefer among the Best Picture Nominees

1. Birdman
2. Boyhood
3. Whiplash

Very Good
4.  The Grand Budapest Hotel

5. Selma
6. The Imitation Game

7.  American Sniper
8.  The Theory of Everything

After seeing American Sniper I thought it was a fine movie straight forward but as Big Tall said, it really has no message. Which is actually a good thing but all the noise about the movie seems to be more about the real life Chris Kyle than anything the movie shows.

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 02.23.2015 12:39am

Somebody loves ya.

I loved Whiplash and The Grand Budapest Hotel, liked and respected Boyhood, Birdman, and Selma, didn't see the other three. Not interested in American Sniper but I'm betting it isn't half as pro-war as the average Marvel movie so whatever.

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 02.23.2015 6:18am

I know how they work

I wasn't wild about Birdman, but I'm always bitching that the Academy never awards movies that are original or different, so I can appreciate and applaud Birdman's win.  I did want Keaton to win though, so I'm disappointed about that.  Nothing against Eddie Redmayne, but I thought Keaton was better.  I finally got around to seeing all the Best Picture nominees, so here's how I group them:

Ones I actively enjoyed:

The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
American Sniper

Ones I thought were okay:

The Theory of Everything

I really, really liked Whiplash.  It was easily my favorite of the bunch, but outside of J.K. Simmons winning I didn't have high hopes for its chances.

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 02.23.2015 8:29am
Thread Creator

Registered Member

I was so bummed Linklater was left empty handed. After 12 years of all his work he got no Oscar to show for it :(

Redmayne beating Keaton was devestating.

Though I was happy overall with everything else. Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Whiplash were all represented very well and I was rooting for these films (along with Boyhood).

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 02.23.2015 4:01pm

I've been there, hombre.

Man, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Birdman was just okay. I'm fine with it winning, I'm not fine with the people who are convinced it's the best movie ever just because it's the first artsy film they've ever seen.

Keaton should've won Best Actor, though. The acting in that movie was phenomenal.

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 02.23.2015 4:24pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Big Hero 6 was an ok movie. I don't know if it deserved the oscar win. I'm kind of geting sick of all the best animated feature wins going to either disney or pixar.

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 02.23.2015 5:08pm


Honestly I think they should just blow the Best Animated Film category up. Pixar (or Disney if Pixar makes a Cars movie that year) win it every year almost by default. It''s also become a meaningless category as the only things most of the nominated films have in common is that they aren't live action.

And I liked Big Hero Six a lot, too. But it's like watching a jobber match at this point.

Anyway I was really happy about JK Simmons' win. It's gotta feel like a Lifetime Achievement Award for the guy as he's been such a great character actor for all these years in movies, TV shows, and commercials. Not to mention an accomplished voice actor, too. (Seriously, imagine the tagline Legend of Korra can use now: "Featuring Academy Award Winning Actor JK Simmons") And his speech really just gave me all the feels.

I'm surprised that Keaton didn't win for Best Actor considering Birdman won Best Picture and a big reason for that was Keaton's performance.  It was cool that Inarritu and co. let him speak during the Best Picture speech.

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 02.24.2015 1:52am

Somebody loves ya.

I have to give the Academy credit -- until the Guild awards I always assumed Birdman was too jazzy, too arch, too outre to win Best Picture. Instead the movie with groundbreaking camera work, improvised avant-garde soundtrack, begins with the line "smells like balls" and ends with a note of stubborn ambiguity, and stars an actor who hasn't headlined a major film since the 90s actually won. Not only that but the latest from one of America's most distinctive auteurs won four awards and a small Sundance movie beat every possible odd and won three trophies. I like it a lot.

Some stuff:

--For the first time since the five-plus expansion, every Best Picture nominee took at least one award. I much prefer this to the alternative of loading one or two movies with every award, and makes it apparent that the Academy did in fact watch and like the films they nominated.

--In the past two years actors have won for playing characters with HIV, ALS, HIV, and Alzheimer's. If you want an Oscar then get. A. Fuckin'. Disease.

--I still have no idea who Eddie Redmayne is.

--Our last three Best Director winners have been Mexican, Mexican, and Taiwanese. The last American males to win were the Coen brothers in 2007. I'm sure this means something but I do now know what.

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 02.24.2015 10:04am
Thread Creator

Registered Member

Eddie Redmayne was already getting traction for his performance in Les Misrables 2 years ago. It was a good performance and to be fair so was his potrayal of Stephen Hawkins at The Theory of Everything. It's just that the performance is so text book Oscar that in a year when the Academy went to support the quirky Birdman it's hurts seeing Keaton's wonderful performance left empty handed over the more traditional Oscar role.

Nelfichu said:

Man, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Birdman was just okay. I'm fine with it winning, I'm not fine with the people who are convinced it's the best movie ever just because it's the first artsy film they've ever seen.

Keaton should've won Best Actor, though. The acting in that movie was phenomenal.

I love Birdman but while it does have a ton artistic merits my reason for loving it is because of how observational it was with the entertainment industry as well at how accessible, funny, and sometimes sad the movie is.

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