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The Hateful Eight

 12.25.2015 7:44pm
Thread Creator

World Warrior 21007

OK, so first of all, if you can catch the 70mm roadshow at all (schedule and locations here, plus Fandango has a separate entry for specifically the roadshow), that's the way to go about seeing it. The cinematography is beautiful, even when the movie enters its entirely indoor phase. 

On one hand, it IS well-written and well acted, but that was to be expected. If you want to see Samuel L. Jackson at his scenery-chewing best, here you go. Every other performance was solid, too.

That said, this may be the first Tarantino movie I'm a bit disappointed in. He's always had a reputation for being overindulgent, but this one was moreso than the rest. And especially toward the end of it, I thought it hurt, zapping the film of much of its energy and pacing in a way that never happened in, say, Inglourious Basterds or Django Unchained.

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 12.27.2015 9:52am

Registered Member

Not his best but I liked it a lot.

The only thing that really bothered me, and it's a weird thing since I dunno if this is even the case, but it felt like Tim Roth's character was written for Christoph Waltz. Like it was Tim Roth playing Christoph Waltz playing Oswaldo Mobray because they couldn't get Waltz due to Spectre. Maybe it's just me and the part was written for Roth, I dunno. It bugged me every time he was on screen for some reason.

I think Jackson may have had the best speech of his career in this movie, too. It's definitely up there. You know the one.

The person who really stole the film for me was Jennifer Jason Leigh. She killed it every time she got to say something. Easily the most fun character.

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 12.28.2015 5:10pm

I'm Catbug!

I saw it yesterday but almost didn't get to because the showing I went to was sold out. But by some miracle, the guy in front of me at the box office was getting a refund for his tickets, so I was able to get a seat.

I thought the film was great. It was a lot of fun to watch. The cast was great, the cinematrography was great, the 70mm was great.

Although, it really felt like a Western version of John Carpenter's The Thing. I'm sure that was on purpose though.

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 12.29.2015 12:58am

I know how they work

I saw it yesterday, and I loved it.

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 01.22.2016 12:55am

Sysadmin of my brain

This is an interesting look at the movie and the feminist elements in Tarantino's movies over the years.  What did you all think?

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 01.23.2016 10:40am

So Sigh Ety

I loved the movie, but man it could have been like, one of the greatest movies of all time but squandered a lot of potential.

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