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Youtube Video Game Music Covers

 04.18.2016 2:19am
Thread Creator

Crono can cross dimensions too!

So obviously, there's a lot of talented musicians on youtube and tons of them do live covers of video game music.  I thought we could all post some of our favorites, or at least in your current rotation, or even just mention a favorite artist.  Thought it'd be cool to share and maybe even get a few new awesome artists to check out.

This guy has a few really well done acoustic guitar covers and tonight, this is my favorite.  

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 04.18.2016 3:40am

I'm going to try SCIENCE!

This girl does violin covers of basically everything, but here in particular is her cover of one of my favorite soundtracks, Journey

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 04.18.2016 6:13am
 (Edited on 04.18.2016 at 6:23am)

Time Travelling White Mage

A favourite of mine is this hauntingly medieaval/gaelic-inspired cover of FFXIV's theme song Answers (they even got in character by cosplaying as miqo'te too. She misreads a couple of the lyrics though, but I think she made this before SE actually released the official lyrics to it, so she still did an amazing job regardless. :)

Also, this is not technically a game cover, but I still think this is extremely well done (but that just might be the classical nerd in me talking and less because it's Star Wars themed). :)

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 04.21.2016 3:26am

The King's orders are absolute

Erutan is great (well, KatetheGreat technically, or at least she used to use that handle). I actually have a signed physical copy of an album she did of vocal arrangements of game music from backing a Kickstarter she did a couple years ago.

I'm currently listening to the Big Bad Bosses, which is basically a parody hip-hop/boy band made up of video game villains with lyrics and music done by Jake Kaufman (Shovel Knight, DuckTales Remastered, virt on OverClocked ReMix). Despite it being mostly a joke, the album actually turned out pretty good overall, they even got Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark) to appear on a track to rap about being Grant Kirkhope.

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 05.05.2016 1:49am
 (Edited on 05.05.2016 at 1:59am)

The King's orders are absolute

Kinda disappointed this thread isn't seeing more activity. 

Brentalfloss does a lot of parody videos singing funny lyrics to game music. I don't watch all of his videos but I do like his Ocarina of Time one. (NSFW)

If you're not into parody arrangements though, I have something else. Tetrimino is an awesome group that takes their own spin on game music. Here's their Kingdom Hearts arrangement combining Dearly Beloved and Simple and Clean.

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