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Hey now.

 01.19.2015 7:46am
Thread Creator (Edited on 01.19.2015 at 9:27am)

Registered Member

I thought I'd stop in and say hello. I had an account at the old Final Fantasy Online site, but can't remember the password and don't have access to the old dial up ISP email I made it with (I haven't logged in since about 2003 or so).  I also go back to if anyone from Usenet is still here.  I've taken about a 7 year break from being involved in anything at all online, and am pleasantly surprised to see this place still exists in some form.  I'm an old school FF/Squaresoft fan going back to the NES (primarily I'm into games up through the 32 bit era, so FF I-IX) and after checking out some other boards that seem geared toward the FFVII Compilation and newer Square Enix games I thought this still seemed like the place for me. 

EDIT:  Reading up on the recent history of the site, I guess my old account wouldn't have worked anyway. I used my real name back in the day regardless, which I don't think I'd want to do now (the Internet was a different place in the late 90's, so it's just as well).  Thanks again to the staff for bringing this place back.

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 01.20.2015 7:27am

Fuck Shit Stack.

Welcome back it's always good to have new old members on here.

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 01.20.2015 9:39am

Formerly Furysetzer

Hi! I'm glad the site isn't dead either. Thank Dh for that one. He salvaged what he could before the site crashed.

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 04.12.2015 9:16am

New veteran user

hey landstalker, nice to meet you, kinda old new member here too!

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