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Hi everybody im kinda new here

 04.12.2015 9:13am
Thread Creator

New veteran user

hello everyone, my name is yankele.
I used to be a regular forum member a really long time ago, back when i was the ffonline forums, around 17 years or so ago (who it is really a long time now that i think about it)
I was here for a couple years, but after some trouble with the database all accounts had to be remade, and then i kinda forgot about it.
now i was wondering about a place to share about gaming experience, music and stuff in general and i remembered this place and how it felt at home at that time.
i hope we can be good friends now!

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 04.13.2015 2:52am

Formerly Furysetzer

Welcome back, Yankele! It's always good to see older members again. After the old FFO got spammed to hell and back, the site was hacked and crashed. Dh saved what he could and moved everything to a new domain for awhile. Hence, FF Society. He got the old url back recently, and there are plans in the works for a revamp of the website. If you want to catch up, check out the Site Development forum. Don't forget to Like the page on Facebook. ;)

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 04.13.2015 4:15pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Welcome. We need new members, and the more the merrier.

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 04.14.2015 8:26am

Time Travelling White Mage

Welcome back! :D

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 02.10.2016 9:31am

green menace

Welcome back! (hey, quite strange way to spend my very first post, wouldn't you say?)

 My name is Goblin. James Goblin.

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 02.10.2016 10:57pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

hello James Goblin are you new?

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