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Looking for archive of the older site

 10.20.2015 6:09pm
Thread Creator

Registered Member

The older versiohn of this website. I dont know if this is a taboo topic but I was looking for the original website.  Specifically the FF7 section of it.  Is it mirrored anywhere?  Anyone aware of a website similar to what was up before

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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 10.20.2015 10:05pm
 (Edited on 10.20.2015 at 10:18pm)

The Hulk
Good Boy
that is an archived version of it from 2003, you can also look through captures from other times too.

edit: I...just can't get that link looking any better, I've no idea with this software.
further edit: at least it's functional now ¬_¬;

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 10.21.2015 3:54am

Fuck Shit Stack.

Wow I remember when it looked like that. That takes me back.

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 10.21.2015 7:12am

The Hulk
Good Boy

Yeah, me too.  Frankly I think it still looks immeasurably better than 90% of the mobile-oriented shit sites out there today.

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