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good god what the hey hey

 07.13.2017 1:52pm
Thread Creator

(Originally Ascot/Kosh)

hey guys oh my word so this place still exists in some form? Oddly enough I had signed up in 2013 but never posted apparently? Okay? Weird?

I'm not particularly memorable but I'm from the old days of FFO. back when we had forum societies (remember the angels of heaven or whatever), we had fake deaths (RIP CAPN_ACTION) and endless arguments on whether FF8 was trash or not (it's not).

I'm now 34 and I feel old and I'm playing a lot of Final Fantasy again so obviously my brain went to my first online community I joined back in the day. I suppose my most noteworthy aspect from those days was I would never settle on a name, but I was mostly known as Ascot/Kosh. For ages I was using Koshernova but these days I'm more settled on Meenah as my username (showing once again a distinct lack of willingness to settle on a name).

A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN A LONG TIME YOU ALL but I'm 34 and don't wanna go over it or my crippling fear of death so the short and long of it is: I've got a master's degree in translation studies, I spent half a decade working in videogame localisation, and uh I transitioned and I'm a woman now. Yeah that's all you need to know. Those of you who might remember me I'm already in touch through facebook so this post is basically self-indulgence. Tubular!

MEENAH: then you know -EXACTLY what you do with somefin thats done
MEENAH: you stick a fork in it

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 07.14.2017 3:51am

on Dew

I remember the names Ascot and Kosh. Welcome back, old timer.

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 07.14.2017 3:01pm

Fuck Shit Stack.

Welcome back.

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 09.24.2017 2:50pm

Formerly Furysetzer

Cool. Nice to meet ya. My mind sometimes wanders back to this site, too. It was my internet home for a long time. I'm really glad that Dh saved this place from internet oblivion.

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 09.29.2017 1:10am

Sysadmin of my brain

He made this place for us!

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