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Let's Play ALttP Randomized

 02.24.2017 1:46am
Thread Creator

The King's orders are absolute

In recent months, a lot of people have been recording/streaming playthroughs of a romhack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that takes the various treasures of the game (rupees, heart containers/pieces, arrows, bombs, inventory items, upgrades, pendants/crystals) and shuffles them all around the game at random. I'm presently playing through my first attempt at it while recording videos along the way and I'm finding it extremely fun. Various other things have been changed as well, like most of the plot dialogue has been removed from the game so everything flows quicker, and the treasure games that normally have random heart container pieces are set so you'll find the item with little to no hassle. Stuff like that. 

Here's the first video of my series:

You can download the randomizer that allows you to create the ROMs to play the randomized game here:
Here's the code for my seed if you want to play the same treasure pool as I am: C4157115

Even if you don't follow my videos, I recommend at least giving the randomizer a shot for yourself, especially if you're a fan of ALttP.

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