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Let's Play Earthbound!

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 07.23.2014 9:31pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.24.2014 at 8:19pm)

Let's Player

Episode 17 - Eating The Fake Cake

Hey all, here comes episode 17! This time around we get to take on the 4th guardian boss!


Shrooom Strategy:

- Freeze with Paula.
- Use Heal and Life with Ness. Remove that poison!
- Bottle rockets and stuff with Isaac.


And with him gone, we head on over to our next town: Summers! Beaches and loads of other stuff here! This town is pretty different from the others, that's for sure.

Finally, we get to see our 4th party member for like 2 seconds. Lad is gonna be where the next episode is at folks!

Thanks for watching! Much much appreciated :).

Episode 18 - He's Such A Lad!

Hey all, it's time to meet our 4th party member! Lad is a monk who likes to train up on a we do just that! He'd give up all of his senses and body parts in order to complete his training...weirdo! Apparently he's a huge heartthrob *sigh*.

We check out what needs to be done in a couple of museums and actually beat the fifth guardian boss down in the sewers: Plague Rat Of Doom. He's not too bad; just has a lot of health.

Finally, we check out another performance, but this time it's Venus singing on her own. Such a slag...

Thanks for watching! See you next time :D.

My most recent 3 let's plays:

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons - Link (Din, Onox, Maku...I'm so funny)
Killer7 (Completed) - Link
Luigi's Mansion (Completed!) - Link
My main youtube page: Link

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 07.25.2014 6:19pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.26.2014 at 2:32pm)

Let's Player

Episode 19 - Thunderous Carrots

Hey all, here comes a cram-packed episode, full of loads of progression! We take on the 6th Guardian boss (Thunder & Storm) who is shockingly easy!

We then take a ship away from Summers but get interrupted by the Kraken boss! Best spells and bottles etc. Doesn't a kraken attack a ship you're on in every RPG ever? :/

We push our luck in the pyramid in the desert. A tough dungeon with a little puzzle at the entrance.

Fiiinally, we lose Lad and enter the Dungeon Man. This place is gonna be amazing. I can feel it in me waters ;).

Thanks for watching! We'll check out our new dungeon next time :).

Episode 20 - Dangan Ronpa Man

Hey all, are you ready to enter the dungeon man? He loves to be entered.

AAAAnyways, we complete the dungeon, find a submarine, take on the Deep Darkness (which isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be at the start), fight Master Belch, retrieve our Lad and find a new village. Speaking of ol' Belchy:


- Freeze
- Life
- Save your bottle rockets. The boss is too easy.
- Keep fighting until Lad appears and ends the battle.


Thanks for watching! We'll check out this new village next time and see why they're so shy :/.

P.S. I'm sure I heard the words "Dangan Ronpa" in that dungeon man music?

Episode 21 - Shy Guy Village

Hi everyone, are you ready to cure your shyness??? We get a whole lot done this episode again. From returning to Winters to check out the stonehenge dungeon (definitely the toughest and longest dungeon so far, but the stress is really fun), to returning to Onett for the first time in forever. That book will be found!

Oh, that Starman Deluxe boss...I can't believe how that turned out. STRESS!

Thanks for watching! We'll check out what's under that rock next time :).

P.S. Having to backtrack through the whole of that dungeon was stoopid! The enemies weren't even there (though that was actually a relief).


Episode 22 - Electro Specter

'ello chucks! Let's move that rock and check our the 7th guardian dungeon and boss, shall we? Speaking of, Electro Specter has an amazing design and music :o. I loved this boss ha. Also, that your sanctuary stuff that goes on afterwards, with the writing on the wall. Happy greeny!

What happens next is so strange.

Thanks for watching! We'll check out dinoland next time :o.

P.S. That ATM man...doesn't quite know how loans and stuff work does he? He's not getting that money back, even if I have to slap him in the crotch :p.

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 07.27.2014 3:24pm
Thread Creator

Let's Player

Episode 23 - Your Final Sanctuary

'ello! Are you ready for the last sanctuary dungeon and boss? Actually, the volcano has two bosses in a row.


Carbon Dog:

- Freeze
- Save your rockets for now. This is the easy part.
- Heal whenever necessary.

Diamond Dog:

- This one is a lot tougher!
- Don't use physical attacks. Only magic and items.
- Freeze
- Rockets


And after those tough bosses, we end up in Magicant, or Ness' Mind. Can't wait to check out more of that place. Oh! We also see some of Ness' past and how he even had powers as a baby 0_0.

Thanks for watching! :)

Episode 24 - Ness' Nightmare

Hey all, it looks like we're going solo through Magicant! Ness' Mind is actually pretty tough and really gives me some problems. I actually die a tonne, but make sure to cut a bit of it out so you don't see me following the same path repeatedly. Oh, and don't get me started on that Mani Mani Statue (or Ness' Nightmare) boss! 1 hit KO my arse! Thankfully we have the flying man with us for this part...not that he survives all that long.

That's all sorted by the end though and we make it back to Saturn Valley. Theeeen we go over to Onett for a meteorite piece. Theeeen we head on back to Saturn Valley and teleport on over to a new area.

Thanks for watching! We'll be heading into the past next time! :)

Episode 25 - Returning To Mother [FIN]

Hi all, here's the last episode! It's a wee bit long, but I wanted to get it all finished up on a nice round number :/. Apologies for the start, Vegas buggered things up and cut off the beginning. All you miss is a little bit of walking along a straight boring path.

After the last dungeon (much running away from annoying enemies), we find ourselves up against the final boss! It's actually not too bad...I'll leave it to you to see how it goes though. I don't wanna spoil anything.

Similarly, I'll just say that the rest involves the end plot and credits. I also give my overall thoughts on the game during this so give it a check if you're interested.

Thanks so much for watching! It's time for a week long break now so I'll see you then (though there may be a vlog or two during that week. Not sure). Thanks so much! Bye! :)

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