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Let's Play Eternal Sonata!

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 07.16.2012 10:51pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.17.2012 at 8:51pm)

Let's Player


We take down Count Waltz in episode 54!

Hey folks, in this episode we fight Count Waltz and his sidekick. This is a tough fight...and it comes down to the wire too :/


We make a start on the Elegy of the Moon in episode 55!

This episode's pretty sad...we make it to a ghost town. The Elegy of the Moon is a huge place that we'll be hanging around for the rest of the game in. We also see the Noise Dunes of Fantasy and make a start on the Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys.

Plenty of new places in this episode then. Oh and we get 2 new characters that are exclusive to the PS3 version.
The tower is bloody tall...and has some minigames that can be bloody hard. At least for me. All the solutions are in this episode and the next folks!


The rest of the Xylophone Tower in episode 56!

This episode has the rest of the Xylophone Tower...apart from the very top floor. Get ready for the 3rd of the memory's a bloody nightmare! *rages*


We make it to the final dungeon in episode 57!

We finish off the Xylophone Tower, cross the Noise Dunes and make it to the entrance of the final dungeon: the Double Reed Tower of Sand.
We're almost finished guys!'s a pretty long dungeon, but we've reached the home stretch! :)

My most recent 3 let's plays:

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 07.18.2012 6:38pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.19.2012 at 12:08am)

Let's Player


3 episodes today folks! I've been on an editing binge...we're so close to the end now people!

Anyways, let's kick things off with todays first video: episode 58!

This episode sees us make it all the way to the first boss! He's a bit of a push-over really, but they won't all be like that...


And onto episode 59!

This episode sees us make it to boss number 2, which again isn't too hard. With the second boss down, we making the first tower's sand flow...onto the 2nd tower!


Finally (for today) we have episode 60!

This episode is a wee bit shorter what with a certain...interruption towards the end. We make it to the save point just before the 3rd boss.

Enjoy folks! We're nearly finished! :D


Ok, one more for you guys today :)

We take down the White Jewel in episode 61!

What we have here is the third boss: White Jewel...and he's a bit of a toughy! There's just one more boss before we head for the end of the game people! :D

The last 4 episodes will be chucked up here tomorrow, with a bonus episode coming the day after!

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 07.19.2012 9:03pm
Thread Creator (Edited on 07.20.2012 at 1:55pm)

Let's Player


4 episodes incoming! This post will include the last of the series...except for a bonus episode which will be up tomorrow! :)

We kill off the 4th boss in episode 62!

The 4th boss is killed, releasing the last of the sandstreams. Next up is the final bosses and the end of the game!


We take on Count Waltz and his fiery friend in episode 63!

Just one more boss to go folks...


We take on that one more boss in episode 64!

This episode has the last boss, and the last bit of gameplay to go with it! It's actually a simple boss, and I think it's mainly there for story's a very interesting fight to watch though :)


We see the end of the game in episode 65!

This episode is technically the last episode of the series, so enjoy the ending cinematics! The credits are actually some of the most stunning I've seen for a game...that singing and environment :o .

There'll be a bonus episode up soon to wrap the whole series up :)

Hey there folks, here's the last episode of Eternal Sonata! It's more like a bonus video, but it's one of my favourite bits of the game anyways :)

This here video, folks, is the snail story from Eternal Sonata! It's a seriously simple, yet stunning, bit of indie artwork that should be watched by all, even if you didn't like the game. Look out for the star lights in the background...they help tell the story incredibly well.

Thanks everyone for watching this series! I'm pretty happy with how this turned out...I don't get much chance to talk and the picture quality isn't great, but I think it's pretty streamlined and edited in mostly the right places. If this series has taught me anything, it's that the Dazzle capture card should not really be used for modern can still see what's going on and's not that bad...but maybe a different recording device would be better for these sorts of games.

And with that, I'll open the thread up to comments (not that it was closed to them before :$ )! I'm gonna be heading on over to the Beat The Beat Video Gallery now to play through that. Come and join me if you like your top-notch rhythm games! ;)

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